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Climate & Energy

These maps show how many brutally hot days you will suffer when you’re old

Climate change can be a tough issue to care about at the daily level -- but the prospect of sweating profusely through your golden years? That's more arresting.

Spring record breakers

We just had the hottest May on record (until next May)

April showers bring May flowers, which immediately burst into flame.

Growing pains

Organic farming is so much harder than just getting stoned and picking tomatoes

"A Farm Dies Once a Year" offers an unretouched look at growing up on an iconic organic farm -- along with some hope for the movement's future.

Just one catch

Why the locavore movement’s next big step is seafood

With his new book, "American Catch," writer Paul Greenberg calls for a local revolution that will move from the land to embrace the local oceans as well.

Atlas unshrugged

Thanks to shrinking sea ice, National Geographic puts global warming on the map

A smaller Arctic ice shelf is the biggest change National Geographic cartographers have made since they had to divvy up the U.S.S.R.

The hidden angles of the debate over beach access

When The New York Times invited experts to weigh in, they left climate change out -- and a lot else as well.

Climate & Energy

The Supreme Court’s latest greenhouse-gas ruling is a 97% victory for the environment

One doesn’t typically associate Justice Antonin Scalia with environmental victories, but Monday's decision in a case against EPA is just that.

The cities have spoken

U.S. mayors call for emergency action on climate change

Municipal leaders from all around the country have backed President Obama's climate proposals and called for the federal government to do more.

The shipping blues

Cargo ships carry a lot of climate baggage

The shipping industry must make huge cuts in CO2 emissions in order to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

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