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Take it to the (meat) bank

This giant sperm bank in Colorado will save our hamburgers

The goal of this massive sperm bank is to protect heritage breeds from extinction -- and also to make them more climate-hardy.

Holy (ice) sheet

These freaky maps show what extreme sea-level rise will do to China

As the world's ice sheets melt, cities like Shanghai could be heading underwater.

Game of Knowns

If Game of Thrones’ murderous ice zombies don’t make you care about climate change, we give up

A recent episode of Game of Thrones made a pretty compelling argument for climate action. Warning: Some general spoilers!


Move over, cotton. This smart fabric could change our lives

Introducing the latest in wearable tech: clothing that regulates body temp.

Business & Technology

Why your organic, fair-trade, cruelty-free chocolate bar won’t save the world

A save-the-forests advocate argues that the certification system gives companies an easy out -- rather than a push to transform the world.


Is Seattle a model for sustainable cities, or just a mess?

In a new series, Grist explores the Emerald City, where the future looks increasingly crowded.


Foster Farms to reduce antibiotics in its chicken, but is it enough?

Big West Coast chicken outfit vows to join other industry heavyweights in cutting back its use of antibiotics.

Climate & Energy

Maryland’s Republican governor just let a fracking moratorium become law

Gov. Larry Hogan didn't sign the bill but he didn't veto it either because the state legislature would have overriden a veto.


Can I have a composting toilet?

A reader wants to install a composting toilet in her London flat. Umbra is flush with answers.