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AP bars reporters from saying “climate skeptic” and “climate denier”

The news agency has changed its style guide and introduced awkward new phrasing to describe people who don't accept climate science.

Climate & Energy

Pope Francis calls for climate action at White House, endorses Obama’s Clean Power Plan

The pope's speech took an unashamedly political tone during his first public event of a six-day visit to the U.S.


Meet Beijing’s weird new trend: Sproutcore

There's a hot new look that you could be yours, and all you need is a sprout growing out of the top of your head.

Climate & Energy

Hillary Clinton says she opposes the Keystone pipeline — finally

Under pressure from activists and rivals, Clinton now says Keystone XL would be bad for the climate.


There is no real case against equal opportunity

The argument against it is dangerously irresponsible.

Finally, communal freezers offer space to store the whole hog

A group in upstate New York is bringing back the communal freezer.

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Climate activists help stop deportations at Tacoma detention center

A human-chain blockade brings together a coalition spanning immigration rights and the environment.

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Coca-Cola cheated U.S. taxpayers out of $3.3 billion, according to IRS

Unsurprisingly, Coke disputes the claim.

Climate & Energy

4 reasons why it matters that a few House Republicans are calling for climate action

… and 4 reasons why you still shouldn’t get your hopes up too much.