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GOP candidate asks residents to mail him their pee

If urine Cave Junction, Ore., this congressional candidate would like to hear from you.

Listen to Your Art

Leaving Las Vegas, a city feeling the slow burn of climate change

I came for the apocalypse. I got art instead.


Why Vandana Shiva is so right and yet so wrong

The environmental crusader has a beautiful vision of the world we'd like to have. Too bad she has such a loose way with the factual details.

Unlucky 13

Meet the climate deniers who want to be president

From Jeb Bush to Rand Paul, Ted Cruz to Chris Christie, the Republicans eying the presidency don't intend to do a damn thing about climate change.

Uber awkward

People are mistaking strangers’ cars for Ubers

Don't turn around too fast, but we think Uber put a drunk person in your backseat.

Climate & Energy

Magical algae turns sewage into biofuel and Dasani

By Dasani, we mean potable tap water. And by sewage, we mean sewage.


South African kids try to reconcile back-to-the-land with big-city dreams

This beautiful video shows reconnecting with the land isn't strictly an American concept.

Frackers are sending sludge to the Mitten State

High radiation levels mean there aren't many places you can dump your Marcellus Shale fracking waste. Michigan, residents discover, is one of them.

Just say no

Another coal export terminal bites the dust

Oregon has rejected plans for a coal export project along the Columbia River -- just the latest sign of the coal industry's decline.

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