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Researchers find link between drug-resistant bladder infections and poultry antibiotics

This is not the first example of a link between livestock antibiotics and drug-resistance in human infections, but it's a remarkable one.

Raw deal: Maine residents’ fight for unregulated food draws crackdown

Official "food sovereignty" ordinances in eight Maine towns haven't stopped local officials from suing an area farmer for selling raw milk.

Leaked letters suggest Maryland’s governor is henpecked by the chicken industry

In a state where the proliferation of industrial chicken houses is directly tied to the growing Chesapeake Bay dead zone, it might be helpful to have a governor who isn't close friends with a top Perdue executive.

Ew! Eyeless shrimp and deformed fish now routinely caught in the Gulf

Ok, this is gross. The shrimp coming out of the Gulf of Mexico two years after the BP spill have some seriously nasty stuff wrong with them. They are lacking in eyes. Their gills are full of junked up black …

Scientists use glow-in-the-dark fish to track hormone-disrupting chemicals

Imagine if your body could tell you where and when a certain chemical is impacting your health. Scientists at the University of Exeter have done just that — with green-glowing zebrafish, that is. Researchers genetically engineered young zebrafish to produce …

Deadly tree disease could wipe out California’s citrus industry

Hide ya’ lemons, hide ya’ limes — a deadly disease is coming for California’s citrus trees. State ag experts recently found a tree that tested positive for Huanglongbing–and yes, it is way more serious than its sing-songy name suggests. The …

Paper asks: Does high-fructose corn syrup contribute to a rise in autism?

New science suggests that the ubiquitous sweetener may interact with environmental factors -- such as exposure to heavy metals and pesticides -- to impact childhood development.

Scientists discover ancient antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Okay, nobody panic, but scientists have found a stash of bacteria that have never had contact with humans, but are resistant to antibiotics anyway. If this happened in a movie, this would probably end with everyone becoming dead. But I’m sure …