Food Safety

Eating rice raises risk of arsenic exposure

Sometimes it just feels like we should give up eating, particularly if "we" are "pregnant women." A new study links rice consumption with higher levels of arsenic in the bloodstream, which can increase the risks of infant mortality and low …

Don’t look now, but some turkey has antibiotic-resistant superbugs

Not to put a damper on your Thanksgiving or anything, but there are two new studies showing that drug-resistant bugs like MRSA are showing up in farmed meat, including turkey. Farm animals get fed a cocktail of antibiotics, which can …

Farm Bill 2012

No Secret Farm Bill and other things to be thankful for

Mark Bittman has provided the ultimate Thanksgiving guide for anyone interested in making our broken food system work again. His exhaustive list of the 25 people or groups for which he is most thankful is a must-read.* It starts with …

Most honey isn’t really honey

Chances are, that stuff sittng in the plastic bear in your pantry doesn't technically qualify as honey. The FDA requires honey to have microscopic particles of pollen, which allow the honey to be traced to its source so regulators can …

7 Billion: What to expect when you’re expanding—a special series

How to feed 7 billion of us without ruining the planet

Now that we’re surrounded by 7 billion of our closest friends, it’s probably a good time to talk about how we’re going to feed them. The government, along with corporations like Monsanto, Syngenta, Dupont, and others who are part of …

Pesticides are good for you

What happens when an industry front group tries to tell a room full of food experts that pesticides aren't harmful?

Cantaloupe food poisoning outbreak is now the deadliest in 12 years

Don't tell Michele Bachmann, but it turns out that when food isn't adequately regulated, you can get giant deadly food poisoning outbreaks. Most recently, a crop of listeria-tainted cantaloupe has now killed 13 people officially, and possibly as many as …

Michele Bachmann thinks food regulation is 'overkill'

Let nobody say Michele Bachmann isn't consistent, at least in this one particular sense. The woman just doesn't like regulation. Even the kind that's meant to keep you from chowing down on E. coli casserole.

Fukushima farmers keep calm and carry on [VIDEO]

It's harvest time in Fukushima, Japan, and many farmers in the area are still working the land despite worries of radioactive contamination.