Food Safety

Going rogue: USDA may have just opened the GMO floodgates

Did the USDA just open the floodgates to unlimited, unregulated planting of new genetically engineered crops? It sure looks that way.

Whew: FDA confirms E. Coli in food is illegal

Food safety advocate Bill Marler has served as one of the most persistent voices covering the deadly German E. coli outbreak and warning that the same thing could happen in the U.S. One of his concerns comes from the fact …

GOP votes against food safety — again

The House voted to kill the USDA's Microbiological Data Program, which tests produce for pathogens like E. coli.

Don't ban raw milk because of the E. coli outbreak

Why is CNN trying to tie the recent European E. coli outbreak to raw milk?

Poison apples bad for consumers, Snow White

Environmental Working Group sifts through USDA data to figure out which Dirty Dozen fruits and veggies deliver the most pesticides. This year's winner: apples

The ‘Dirty Dozen’: Which fruits and vegetables have the most pesticides?

The Environmental Working Group has released an updated list of the Dirty Dozen, the fruits and vegetables with the worst pesticide levels. Drumroll please: Apples Celery Strawberries Peaches Spinach Nectarines (imported) Grapes (imported) Sweet bell peppers Potatoes Blueberries (domestic) Lettuce …

Critical List: Bean sprouts likely E. coli culprit; Exxon’s in on natural gas

There’s a high probability Europe's deadly E. coli did come from bean sprouts. We always knew they were gross. Nuclear Regulator Commission head Gregory Jaczko manipulated his colleagues into killing the Yucca Mountain nuclear storage compound, according to an inspector …

FDA admits supermarket chickens test positive for arsenic

Why is Big Ag playing chicken with our health?Back in March, Tom Philpott wrote about the “insane” practice of feeding factory-farmed chickens arsenic: The idea is that it makes them grow faster — fast growth being the supreme goal of …

Contaminated compost? Toxins might be lurking in that bag you’re about to buy

Do you know what’s in your compost?The growing number of municipal and commercial composting operations has been one of the few bright spots in the environmental landscape, from San Francisco’s curbside composting service to this industrial-scale composting facility in Delaware. …