Call me morbid, call me pale, today there's no McDonald's on sale
MattCall me morbid, call me pale, today there’s no McDonald’s on sale.

Morrissey, the lugubrious former lead singer for the Smiths, made an album in 1985 called “Meat is Murder.” That was 28 years ago (I KNOW), but he has not since then altered his negative opinion of the consumption of animal flesh. That’s why, during the singer’s March 1 concert at Los Angeles’ Staples Center, the venue’s McDonald’s will be closed. Yes, Morrissey is a pretty powerful dude.

We don’t know if it’s the British accent or just his general demeanor, but we do know this: Paul McCartney asked the Staples Center to shut down McDonald’s too, and he got nowhere. (So, OK, it’s not the British accent.) Former Beatle? Next! Goth hero with pompadour? RIGHT AWAY SIR. One imagines the conversations were a little different, though: