McDonald’s to roll out organic hamburger in Germany

How big is the overlap between McD's customers and people who want organic beef? I guess we'll soon find out.

Ranchers with ties to the biofuel industry attack Brazilian tribe members

The Guarani people -- the largest indigenous group in Brazil -- are all too familiar with the destructive side of sugarcane ethanol.


Is Cargill backsliding on its promise to end deforestation?

Some environmental activists say yes. Cargill says actions speak louder than words.


Pumpkin beer brings summer’s end ahead of schedule. Thanks, climate change

An Oregon heatwave gave us ripe pumpkins in mid-August.

Finally, communal freezers offer space to store the whole hog

A group in upstate New York is bringing back the communal freezer.

Business & Technology

Coca-Cola cheated U.S. taxpayers out of $3.3 billion, according to IRS

Unsurprisingly, Coke disputes the claim.


Neuroscience comes to dinner: How brain tweaks could change our diet

Neuroscience used to be a niche field. Now it's changing what and how we eat.


The oyster wars shed light on a bigger debate

After all the sound and fury of the oyster war, perhaps we can learn a better form of community decision making.


What goes into a sandwich? 6 months and $1,500

This video shows the true cost of ... sandwiches.