Less cause for chickens to be chicken

For the first time ever, people have eaten chicken without killing a chicken.

Lab-grown chicken is now a thing.

Is organic always better? It’s not as clear-cut as you might think.

To be truly sustainable, agriculture needs to go beyond pesticides and fertilizers.

twice as nice

Do we really need to double food production by 2050? Actually … no.

What we need is a new food system that keeps people fed and ecosystems healthy.

Sea sick

Oceans are about to turn into a frothing cauldron of death.

Climate change will disrupt more than half of the world's oceans in the next 15 years.

A rind is a terrible thing to waste

Cutting food waste helps companies profit.

On average, businesses saved $14 for every $1 invested in reducing food loss.

better than organic?

Robots are raising your kale now.

One New Jersey farm grows pesticide-free greens with a little help from AI.

Guest post

How a climate-friendly flour company built a flourishing market

Portland-based Shepherd’s Grain sells not only high-quality flour. It also sells the story of no-till farming.

The unsolved mystery of an ocean protector’s disappearance

185 environmental advocates died in 2015. One was an American named Keith Davis.

Jam the courts, blow the whistles, shut down the kitchen: Here are The Resistance’s latest strategies

People are calling out Trump and his administration in meaningful, productive ways all across the land.