The trouble with La Croix

La Croix, the carbonated fruit water in a can, is having a moment -- but a can is still a can.


We recall 100 blue whales’ worth of meat a year

This infographic brims with gross food safety facts.


House Republicans want to preempt state GMO labeling laws

The genetically modified food labeling debate heads back to Congress.


It’s hard to order sustainable fish. This campaign could change that

Oceana wants the federal government to implement a new policy that would require a different name for each species of fish.


Temple Grandin digs in on the practical side of what animals want

To improve the lives of the animals we grow for food, we must drop preconceived ideas and try to think like them.


These amazing trees grow up to 40 different types of fruit

Artist and Syracuse University professor Sam Van Aken has made more than a dozen trees that bear all kinds of fruits and flowers.


This comic shows all you need to know about butchering chickens

An illustrated story about butchering 75 chickens.

Business & Technology

This chip will stop you from crying over spoiled milk

Researchers have embedded a wireless sensor in a milk cap that warns you when bacteria are running amok in the carton.


California’s groundwater is disappearing AND widely contaminated

About 20 percent of the groundwater that Californians rely on to keep their taps flowing carries high concentrations of contaminants like arsenic, uranium, and nitrate.