chewing the scenery

Michael Pollan video on Democracy Now

In “Chewing the Scenery,” we round up interesting food-related videos from around the Web. ————- Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman interviewed Michael Pollan yesterday. You may …

the evening news

CBS News previews its no-holds-barred report on antibiotics in livestock

Update: Catch part 1 and 2 of the series. Oh, boy. This one has blockbuster written all over it. Tonight, the CBS Evening News is …

Pasture politics

The organic movement is a civic process, not a set of standards [corrected]

As the National Organic Standards Board considers new rules (PDF) on organic dairy, a dispute has erupted between watchdog group Cornucopia Institute and widely respected …

Edible schoolyards, overworked teachers

To flourish, school gardens need more than photo ops

This post originally appeared on Ed Bruske’s Slow Cook blog. ———— Kids from Bancroft School in the White House garden with Michelle Obama. As one …


USDA makes the right call on school meat safety, animal tracking

From its failure to rein in abuse of farm subsidies to its misguided efforts on international trade, the Obama USDA has disappointed many progressives. But …

Marma' mia!

How Hurricane Katrina turned me into a citrus fanatic and marmalade maker

Jewels of winter: Kumquats from L’Hoste Organic Citrus Farm in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. Photo: April McGreger For a long time, I never really saw citrus …

Tom's Kitchen

Hello, Dal-ly: curried red lentils

 In Tom’s Kitchen, Grist’s food editor discusses some of the quick-and-easy things he gets up to in, well, his kitchen. He thinks the column name …

Raw Milk Battlefield Stories

Whatever happened to the government’s war on raw milk? Just a shift in tactics

When the current phase of a nearly century-long government campaign to convince American consumers to abandon raw milk launched in 2006, heavy-handed intimidation tactics were …

Ramblin' man

Me, on Edible Radio

Sometimes when I’m interviewed on the radio, it’s really awkward. The interviewer doesn’t know or understand the topic and asks a senseless question; or I …

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