Failure to ban BPA leading to impotence in U.S. congressmen (probably)

The cafe where nearly 200 members of Congress could get their daily joe is spewing receipts lousy with toxic chemical BPA.

The FDA finally reveals how many antibiotics factory farms use — and it's a shitload

After years of avoiding the issue, the FDA has finally disclosed exactly how many tons of drugs industrial livestock operations routinely dose their animals with each year.

Sorry, Glenn, Sarah, and Rush: Food is not a partisan issue — or one just about culture

Tea Party BFFs have all gone on the attack over food, but obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are not partisan issues -- and at least one conservative has stood up and said so. And while everyone likes to blame "culture," …

Leaked document shows EPA allowed bee-toxic pesticide despite own scientists’ red flags

An internal EPA memo leaked Wednesday shows that the agency has been ignoring warnings from its own scientists about the possible pollinator-killing side effects of clothianidin, a Bayer pesticide the EPA approved for widespread use on corn and other crops.

Why you should eat insects instead of meat [VIDEO]

Marcel Dicke (it's French or something, perv) argues that insects are a savory, eco-friendly alternative to meat. This is apparently not a joke.

Food safety passes House, skulks back to Senate

Like a fallen eater rising from the mat after a nasty case of food poisoning, the food safety bill staggered back to life yesterday.

Hunting, cooking, and eating squirrel [VIDEO]

You've heard about bugs being the next sustainable protein source, but what about squirrel? You may shudder, but plenty of cultures enjoy this plentiful, tasty meat -- and now, so do I.

Meet James McWilliams, meat-industry defender — and aggrieved vegan?

James McWilliams has made a career of defending the food industry from what he sees as its hysterical, unreasonable critics (such as yours truly). At several points, this mission has led him to defend industrial meat. All of this makes …

Cafeteria confidential: Behind the scenes in school kitchens

Lessons from Ann Cooper’s school-food revolution in Boulder

In this conclusion to my Cafeteria Confidential: Boulder series, I examine what Boulder can teach other U.S. schools: The government won't fix school lunch, but a fed-up community, led by a pro like Ann Cooper, can effect real change.