California sacrifices farm workers in favor of strawberries

California has approved the use of methyl iodide, a powerful neurotoxic pesticide that will affect those who harvest strawberries far more than those who eat them. How does that make you feel?

Cherry guy will do his part to keep Brooklyn bees from turning red

The owner of a maraschino cherry factory is going to do what he can to keep neighborhood bees out of the sticky-sweet corn syrup they love too much.

Congress passes the school lunch bill, but there's less to it than meets the eye

The House finally joined the Senate in passing child nutrition legislation. Sustainable-food advocates are cheering, but the new law won't transform the dismal nature of school lunches.

Jon Stewart smacks Glenn Beck over food safety bill

The Daily Show comedian praises the Senate for passing (well, almost) the food safety bill, and mocks Fox for FDA fear-mongering. I wonder, maybe Glenn Beck doesn't want the FDA poking around in his business?

Food safety bill enters horror-movie phase, thanks to Senate snafu

Just when you thought it was safe to quit thinking about the Food Safety Modernization Act, it's baaaaaack. In the Senate, site of its triumph last week. And this time, it might not make it out alive.

Big Poultry ramps up its assault on the Chesapeake

You know how gigantic factory farms raise tens of millions of chickens a year on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, befowling what was once a dramatically productive wild ecosystem? Well, according to Tyson and Perdue execs, it's high time …

At Youth Farm, kids learn where food comes from and how to enjoy it [VIDEO]

In honor of Congress finally voting on the long-awaited, yet disappointing Childhood Nutrition Reauthorization act, here's a look at a much more effective way to get kids to eat kale and other vegetables.

Cafeteria confidential: Behind the scenes in school kitchens

Boulder rallies around improving its schools' food

Whether it's volunteering in the schools or writing checks to pay for kitchen equipment and training, Boulder residents have stepped up to make their school food revolution happen.

Stunning new tool maps out factory farms near you

Food & Water Watch has launched a spectacular visual tool for illuminating the meat industry's shady dominance of the U.S. landscape. Try it out -- I did!