Urbivore's Dilemma, Week 19: Fresh bok choy and Chinese take-out

If old habits die hard, then old eating habits die harder, and include the power of rising from the dead. Two weeks ago, the bok choy I received revived some old habits.


Man out to prove potatoes aren't junk food eats nothing but potatoes for two months

Man cannot live on bread alone, but can he live on nothing but potatoes? The chief of the Washington State Potato Commission is finding out firsthand by eating nothing but 20 potatoes a day for two months. [BONUS: Watch him …

Business & Technology

Nutritionist Marion Nestle fingers the missing calories in America's big binge

America, ever obsessed with diet and health, is stumped by the problem of obesity. Figuring out what to eat really isn't that hard, says author and food systems researcher Marion Nestle. If this basic human instinct seems more complicated than …


Chipotle rolls out some scare tactics for Halloween

This Halloween, Chipotle is inviting you to scare them -- for a very good cause. The chain is raising money for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution campaign. All you have to do is dress up as an edible foodlike substance and …

Climate & Energy

The only thing 'green' about NASCAR's switch to corn ethanol is the cash

Using an energy-hogging fuel to gas up cars circling a track is absurd. NASCAR might want to ask its fans whether they'd rather watch races -- or be able to fish in clean water or hunt in abundant habitat.


Droves of confused, well-meaning kids giving candy back this Halloween

This Halloween, thousands of little boys and ghouls are expected to be roaming the streets, handing candy back to houses they visit. Are they confused? Not really. It's just part of a choc-and-awe campaign designed to turn trick-or-treaters into trick-or-fair-traders.


Playing squash: my tweak of an iconic fall soup

A massive fall harvest at Maverick Farms a few years back forced me to combine butternut squash, leafy greens, and garlic into one satisfying bowl.


Ask Umbra’s Book Club: Are you trading in Mickey D's for DIY burgers?

Ask Umbra has some food for thought about the United States of Americana, by Kurt B. Reighley. How have your food habits changed in recent years?


Eating GMOs as a form of protest [VIDEO]

Upset about genetically modified foods entering the food chain with little or no public debate? The Center for Genomic Gastronomy says don't just get mad -- get creative.