Meet James McWilliams, meat-industry defender — and aggrieved vegan?

James McWilliams has made a career of defending the food industry from what he sees as its hysterical, unreasonable critics (such as yours truly). At several points, this mission has led him to defend industrial meat. All of this makes …

Cafeteria confidential: Behind the scenes in school kitchens

Lessons from Ann Cooper’s school-food revolution in Boulder

In this conclusion to my Cafeteria Confidential: Boulder series, I examine what Boulder can teach other U.S. schools: The government won't fix school lunch, but a fed-up community, led by a pro like Ann Cooper, can effect real change.

The FDA's crackdown on small cheesemakers fails to turn up many bugs

While the FDA has forced the shutdown of small cheese makers Estrella and Morningland, most of its pathogen hunts have come up empty-handed.

Increasing consumer demand in China won't save us

In a much-celebrated recent article, ace reporter David Leonhardt argues that China can bail out the U.S. by transforming itself into the "world's next great consumer society." Given the specter of climate change, is this really the best way out …

Salad in snowy winter [VIDEO]

I visit Dragsmith Farms, which grows organic vegetables and micro-greens all year round. Although heated greenhouses are a sustainable no-no, a salad in December is a treat.

Our reporter tries to pick out the red honey of Red Hook in a blind taste test

Does the red honey of Red Hook, made from maraschino cherry syrup, really taste different? We found out.

FoodTubes wants to take food distribution back to the future

The brainchild of "a consortium of academics, project planners, and engineers," FoodTubes wants to move our fossil-fuel based transport system underground.

New Agtivist: Chris Chaisson wants to root around in your cellar

Chris Chaisson and Whole Farm Services offer farmers, gardeners, and communities an array of very old-school -- now very hip -- crop storage services. From root cellars to ice houses, these technologies may just become integral to a sustainable food …

USDA removes major barrier to Michelle Obama's salad-bar initiative

In response to an inquiry from Grist, the USDA has clarified that it will not oppose plans by a new public-private partnership, Let's Move Salad Bars to Schools, to install 6,000 salad bars in U.S. school cafeterias -- as long …