Fair food fight

Chipotle Challenge: time to back up ‘food with integrity’

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Editor’s note: Trace the history of the food on your plate, and you’re likely to find worker abuse. Creating a truly fair food system will be a massive …

Canned goods--and bads

How to make healthy, safe food-bank donations 

In Checkout Line, Lou Bendrick cooks up answers to reader questions about how to green their food choices and other diet-related quandaries. Lettuce know what food worries keep you up at night. ————— Time to …

Meat Wagon: "Treatment failure" edition

Antibiotic-resistant salmonella, school lunches, and Cargill’s dodgy California beef plant

In Meat Wagon, we round up the latest outrages from the meat and livestock industries. ——— Oh, dear. This case of salmonella poisoning seems to be resisting treatments.  • The USDA reports that a notorious …

Against the grain

Can delicious crepes create a buckwheat revival?

Just add Paris: buckwheat crepes in their glory.April McGregerMy love for buckwheat first blossomed in the Soba-ya shops of Japan. Years later, that love was rekindled on the sidewalks of Paris eating Galletes de Sarrasin, …

labeling change

FDA moves to reform nutrition labels

Still smarting over the industry’s shenanigans over the “Smart Choices” label, the FDA has decided to pick up the pace of change. Marion Nestle dug up a set of proposed new front-of-package nutrition labels that …

Choice nuggets: food and class edition

As the economy withers, thoughts on an inequitable food system

When my info-larder gets too packed, it’s time to serve up some choice nuggets from around the Web. —————- Get ‘em while they’re hot.  • Grist contributor Tom Laskawy did us proud with his participation …

Chicken little

In a Minnesota project, free-range chickens spell broad-based economic development

Ecomomic splendor in the grass. I just completed a profile of one of the most exciting food production ideas I have seen in a long time.  Hillside Farmers Co-op. in Northfield, Minnesota, initiated by Latino …

square peg, meet round hole

The ‘small problem’ with GMOs and Africa

Drought in Ethiopia.The Des Moines Register‘s Philip Brasher is in Africa reporting on the potential for GMO crops to help alleviate hunger in the developing world. The current focus is on drought-tolerant crops for obvious …

Are the oceans the future of food?

If the the future of food is hazy right now due to overconsumption, globalization, and climate change, the future of seafood is even murkier. The global fish catch topped out sometime in the 1990s, leaving …

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