Cranberry farm struggles to stay organic [VIDEO]

The Jonjak Family Cranberry Farm is one of the few organic cranberry bogs in the country, but unfortunately, it might not be organic for much longer.

[UPDATED:] Risk, bacteria, and the tragedy of food-safety reform

Senate food-safety bill S. 510 doesn't address the big underlying problem: the hazard that comes from huge, concentrated factory farms.

Thai game: artfully disposing of a meat surplus

Confronted with a sudden surplus of meat, I went Thai'd one on a chuck roast. And I didn't regret it.

High food prices affect the global poor in surprising ways

Policy makers generally assume that high food prices hurt the global poor, because they increasingly live in cities and have to buy their food. New research suggests that view could be wrong.

Sandor Katz in The New Yorker, the food-politics writer as savior, and more

For your holiday-weekend pleasure, here's the best of what I've been reading lately, starting with a profile of home-fermentation wizard Sandor Katz.

The Climate Desk

Turkey can be climate friendly; spinach, not so much [AUDIO]

Anna Lapp?, the Farm Sanctuary manager, and others on how our food system effects the climate, and how climate change might impact the food's future.

King Corn's bad pre-Thanksgiving week

Tomorrow, millions of people will feast on flavorless turkeys raised in tight quarters and stuffed with industrially produced, genetically modified corn. You'd think King Corn would be grinning ear-to-ear this week. Instead, His Majesty is furious!

D.C. mayor axes healthier school food

D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty, attempting to close a $188 million gap in the city's budget, has halted payment of some $4.6 million that was to pay an extra dime or nickel for healthier meals in D.C. public schools.

Grist readers and staff share their renegade Thanksgiving plans

Not everyone wants turkey and plain ol' mashed potatoes. Here's how some of us are shaking up Thanksgiving with deviant dishes.