Food-safety bill stalled; Stabenow named Senate ag chair

The world's greatest deliberative body didn't manage to vote on the food safety bill before their Thanksgiving recess.

The Onion serves up some 'wrath-minded' GM taters [VIDEO]

Joad Cressbeckler has just heard that genetically modified potatoes have been approved (they're actually being planted in the E.U.), and fears that they're coming for us.

Urbivore’s Dilemma, Weeks 23 & 24: Some unsavory choices

Local, seasonal CSA produce is autumnal cornucopia. It's time for the Urbivore to get roasting -- but what happens when she can't take a turnip and finds her sense of wonder wounded by a worm?

Sorry, McWilliams, the New York Times got the USDA cheese story right

The counterattacks on Michael Moss's exposé of the USDA's hypocritical efforts to get Americans to consume more high-fat dairy are wrongheaded. Milk and pork "checkoffs" do indeed represent the federal government at work.

Herding sheep is like herding people: Desire works better than fear

Moving my sheep into their barn for the winter has me thinking woolly thoughts about flocks of various kinds.

Canned unicorn meat finally horns its way into the meat market

Remember the sloppy public relations job the National Pork Board did in response to canned unicorn, "the new white meat"? You can finally enjoy that sparkly unicorn taste you've been missing out on!

Have a renegade Thanksgiving with sage-roasted chicken and pumpkin risotto

Calling all adventurous, rebellious cooks: Are you bored with Thanksgiving menus that are the same from year to year, and coast to coast? If you're brave enough to defy tradition and turn your local, seasonal ingredients into something for the …

Tester amendment protecting local food production now attached to food-safety bill

Last night, consumer groups joined forces with the sustainable agriculture camp, agreeing to enough compromises in the Tester-Hagan amendment for its protections of "family-scale farms" and small processors to be included in the package of amendments agreed to by both …

Food justice: It's not black and white in Detroit

I recently spent two weeks in Detroit, working at Brother Nature Produce farm and watching how the city’s food-justice groups handle race and privilege.