Who took your cheese? Could be the FDA

The government's war on unpasteurized milk was something most people could comfortably ignore as being about the fringe. But when the FDA starts messing with people's $22-per-pound raw-milk Camembert ... well, now that's serious.


The Food Safety Modernization Act

We've invited an array of food-policy experts along with a few Grist readers to debate whether there is indeed a food-safety crisis and if so, whether the current legislation before the Senate will protect eaters and punish the right producers.

Business & Technology

The Times exposes the craziness of the junk-food industry/USDA alliance

On Sunday, The New York Times ran a blockbuster piece on the unholy alliance between the USDA and Domino's to create a monstrously cheesy pizza -- while encouraging healthier eating habits. Here's what this partnership says about our food system …


Eating more fish will save the rainforests, suggests scientist Ray Hilborn

What would happen if we never ate another fish? Fisheries researcher Ray Hilborn thinks that shift could only lead to more rainforests succumbing to the plow to fill the world's growling bellies, and that there really are plenty of fish …

Cafeteria confidential: Behind the scenes in school kitchens

Remaking school meals in Boulder

In my ongoing quest to find the cutting edge in the nation's chronically under-funded and frequently maligned school meals program, I recently spent a week in Boulder with Renegade Lunch Lady Ann Cooper.


Urbivore’s Dilemma, Weeks 20-22: Cooking strike

I’ve spent very little quality time with the fruits and vegetables from the CSA of late except in their most simple form -- raw. But should I really be trying to eat turnip greens and sweet potatoes uncooked?


In praise of fast food

Yes, cooking is wonderful, and so is communal eating with family and friends. But there's something powerful about standing up in a crowded cityscape and eating something simple and delicious that has been cooked before your eyes.


'Nourish' TV show encourages Americans to ask where their food comes from

Hosted by Cameron Diaz, Nourish features interviews with an all-star cast of the sustainable/real/we-know-it-when-we-eat-it food movement.


7-Eleven melting at idea of White House 'Slurpee Summit'

At Wednesday's post-election presidential press conference, a summit built around frozen slushies -- the Everyman drink, we guess -- was suggested as a way of returning to bipartisanship.