School salad bars, and the limits of relying on charity for what government should do

Whole Foods has raised $1.4 million from its customers to invest in salad bars for public schools. The catch: those schools must be within 50 miles of a Whole Foods. For me, the real problem here is the lack of …


Waiting for a hard frost

Reflections at the end of a Midwestern growing season.


A buzzworthy new documentary

What's killing all the bees? Colony -- No Bees. No Honey. No Work. No Money. goes deep into the buzzing hive of the anxious beekeepers themselves to find out what they'll do if no one finds out the answer.

Business & Technology

Why Monsanto is paying farmers to spray its rivals' herbicides

Monsanto's ongoing humiliation proceeds apace -- and no, we're not referring to the seed and chemical giant's triumph in our recent "Villains of Food" poll.


The French serve up one helluva school lunch

France clearly represents the gold standard for school lunch programs, while it's unclear whether America can manage even the mildest reform of ours.

Business & Technology

Monsanto's losing bet on GM sugar beets has bitter repercussions

Over the span of two years, Monsanto managed to grab control of the market for sugar beet seeds (and American sweet tooths), effectively wiping out the competition.

Business & Technology

The world's first organic dairy rap video

British organic dairy Yeo Valley has finally given the world what it's always needed: a ridiculously good rap song about organic farming. Watch the magic.

Food Feeding the City

The future of urban agriculture is not about the 10-mile diet

Urban agriculture is a movement in transition. Agriculture has a vital role to play in cities, but it must be done in a way that keeps the urban fabric intact.


Americans hate feeding poor children at school

School food advocates -- myself included -- who would love nothing better than to see reheated chicken nuggets and tater tots replaced with fresh food cooked from scratch, need to wise up to the fact that most Americans just don't …