Johnny, Can You Spell Salmonella?

How is it that a country can put a man on the moon, but can’t seem to feed it’s children school lunches that are safer …

hoop dreams

Winter growers get some love from the USDA

It’s tempting to hear the news (and watch the video!) telling us that the USDA will study winter gardening and wonder why the USDA needs …

cut bait

Atlantic bluefin tuna inches towards protection

Can we change our tuna?With the Atlantic bluefin tuna fishery on the verge of collapse and ICCAT, the entity charged with protecting it, ignoring its …

Know your USDA advocate

USDA sustainable-ag czar Merrigan hits youtube

Way back in August 2006, I wrote a column arguing that farmers in northern areas could grow a lot more vegetables in the winter, if …

Genetically modified headaches

Amid Monsanto’s antitrust troubles, another study questions the health effects of GMOs

Better living through biotechnology? Pity executives at genetically modified seed giant Monsanto. Not only are they having to knock heads with Department of Justice lawyers …

Vilsack in Copenhagen

Getting at the roots of unsustainable U.S. ag policy

Cross-posted from Civil Eats. Around one third of global greenhouse gas emissions come from the way we produce, process, distribute, and consume the food we …

Dominant traits

Seed behemoth Monsanto stumbles into antitrust trouble

Even as it bombards the airwaves and magazine ad pages to tout its commitment to “sustainable agriculture,” GMO seed giant Monsanto has been having a …

The other aquacalypse

California’s water woes worsen

NASA just released a disturbing report on California’s shrinking water supplies: New space observations reveal that since October 2003, the aquifers for California’s primary agricultural …

your liver, hfcs, and you

New research: Fructose increases risk of diabetes, heart disease [UPDATED]

You should lay off the sauce–it’s not good for your liver. [Author’s Note:] This post, reacting to the findings of a University of California, Davis, …

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