Sorry, New York Times: The bee die-off case is not closed

The New York Times recently declared the case of Colony Collapse Disorder, the great bee die-off, "solved." But the reporting hyped the science and left out important conflicts involving the lead scientist.


Purdue’s Gebisa Ejeta on the vexing task of feeding a growing population

Over the next several weeks, I'll be attending the University of Washington's food and environment lecture series and harvesting knowledge from a diverse array of food-system luminaries. Plant breeding expert Gebisa Ejeta of Purdue University opened the series -- and …


My Intentional Life: Sharing is Daring

In this My Intentional Life, the gang meets to discuss whether splitting their Community Supported Agriculture share is threatening to split them up.

Business & Technology

What Monsanto’s fall from grace reveals about the GMO seed industry

Once the darling of Wall Street and the Darth Vader of the agribiz universe, Monsanto has fallen on hard times. The reason may have to do with the essentially over-hyped nature of GMO technology.


Forbes: By 2018, 'one-fifth of urban food will be grown on rooftops and in former parking lots'

Within a decade, will a huge portion of your food come from around the corner? It sure is pretty to think so.


Urbivore’s Dilemma, Week 18: Tomatillos, cilantro, hot peppers, oh my!

This week, the Urbivore gets something in her veggie box that veers outside of her comfort zone. Help her over this food hurdle!


Not your grandma's sweet potato pie

The sweet potato is a very misunderstood vegetable, too often overshadowed in fall by the pumpkin and unfairly compared to the unrelated potato. See how well its sweetness plays against smoky and spicy flavors in this recipe for a free-form …


Stephen Colbert on the raw-milk raids and our 'right to get dysentery'

What Tea Partiers and hippie-foods Californian co-op members have in common, according to Stephen Colbert.


Harnessing mushrooms to replace plastic [VIDEO]

In this TED talk, product designer Eben Bayer describes a low-energy, fully compostable packaging assembled by a fungus from agricultural waste.