Ask Umbra on apples for halloween treats and costumes

Umbra weighs in on the virtues of apple-giving and suggests the best costumes to hand them out in. Have no fear, read about it here!

Our biofuel future: The bitter taste of land grabs and hunger

Stanford professor Roz Naylor lays out how a global ramp-up of ethanol and biodiesel production means land speculation and rising food prices for the world's poor. Can the world stomach such a fuel-ish transition?

Acknowledging women's role in the sustainable food movement

Women dominate the staffs of critical food- and farming-focused NGOs. They run farms, important blogs, and local-food restaurants. So why is Alice Waters the only one we ever hear about?

Wearing Lady Gaga's meat dress for Halloween — still a bad idea [VIDEO]

Lady Gaga can be an inspiration in some cases, but when it comes to Halloween costumes, it pays to listen to your mom's advice on this one and not show so much flesh. According to this news video, however, some …

New tool maps and grades 'food deserts' to lure supermarkets

The Reinvestment Fund's PolicyMap layers several types of demographic data to reveal which areas really lack access to food.

School salad bars, and the limits of relying on charity for what government should do

Whole Foods has raised $1.4 million from its customers to invest in salad bars for public schools. The catch: those schools must be within 50 miles of a Whole Foods. For me, the real problem here is the lack of …

Waiting for a hard frost

Reflections at the end of a Midwestern growing season.

A buzzworthy new documentary

What's killing all the bees? Colony -- No Bees. No Honey. No Work. No Money. goes deep into the buzzing hive of the anxious beekeepers themselves to find out what they'll do if no one finds out the answer.

Why Monsanto is paying farmers to spray its rivals' herbicides

Monsanto's ongoing humiliation proceeds apace -- and no, we're not referring to the seed and chemical giant's triumph in our recent "Villains of Food" poll.