Was this election good for the fish?

There's not much humor to be found when you look at the likely effect of the election on the oceans.

Wanted: Your informed opinions on the food-safety reform bill

We've invited a kitchenful of food-policy experts to discuss whether the Food Safety Modernization Act will make eaters safer without shoving small producers off a cliff. Wanna pull up a chair and chew over the issues?

Organic-farming movement sprouts in China

Just as our own sustainable food revolution didn't take place until we had nearly driven all of our small farms into penury, China is evidently feeling the stirrings of a backlash against the industrialization of food.

Like your dinner, your gadgets come from somewhere

While writing about food politics on my Dell "Latitude" laptop, I often daydream about a sleek new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. (And an iPad, and maybe an iPhone.) Or at least I did -- until I read about the …

Shutdown of two small cheesemakers raises more doubts about food-safety legislation

The FDA has a long history of going after small food producers for seemingly minor problems, and leaving the big ones to do their thing -- no matter how serious their transgressions. Perhaps that's why worries about the food-safety legislation …

SunChips bag not too noisy for Canadians

In America, the customer is always right. In Canada, companies apparently have the nerve to tell them they're wrong.

New study says raw milk not panacea for the lactose intolerant

For many years, raw-milk advocates have claimed that unpasteurized milk counters lactose intolerance -- the upset stomach many people feel after consuming dairy products. A Stanford study says otherwise.

Urbivore's Dilemma, Week 19: Fresh bok choy and Chinese take-out

If old habits die hard, then old eating habits die harder, and include the power of rising from the dead. Two weeks ago, the bok choy I received revived some old habits.

Man out to prove potatoes aren't junk food eats nothing but potatoes for two months

Man cannot live on bread alone, but can he live on nothing but potatoes? The chief of the Washington State Potato Commission is finding out firsthand by eating nothing but 20 potatoes a day for two months. [BONUS: Watch him …