Fixing USDA dietary guidelines won't fix our diets

The USDA is revising its guidelines on what Americans should be eating. But even if the feds get it right, which they probably won't, a new pyramid won't be enough to change the way we eat.


A locavore in China, Pt. 1: Black-market melons, un-free birds, and masquerading mangosteens

Living in the capital of China's rich and fertile Zhejiang Province, I thought I was eating local. Wrong. With reusable water bottle in hand and organic cotton socks strapped tight, I set off to see where my food really comes …


PBR: ‘That softer, kindlier taste’ urban farmers love

In the 1940s, Pabst Blue Ribbon appealed directly to the grow-your-own brigade -- just as the beer now does to their irony-loving grandchildren.


Hamburgers are the new heroin [VIDEO]

An intense new video shows kids being turned into junk-food junkies. Plus, parents learn a valuable lesson about serving XXX's and OOO's while trying to Feed the Children.

Business & Technology

Obama taps food-industry exec for top ag-research post

Obama has nominated Catherine Woteki, an exec from the Mars candy corporation, to direct the U.S. government's entire agricultural research budget.


Urbivore’s Dilemma, Week 17: The many uses of baking soda

They say you shouldn't s%&t where you eat, but have you ever considered brushing with what you eat? This week, the Urbivore finds herself on a trip with only an apple and baking soda.


Transgenic crops' built-in pesticide found to be contaminating waterways

Researchers at the University of Notre Dame have shown that the Bt toxin in genetically engineered crops is polluting waterways in Indiana.


Peak soil is no joke: Civilization's foundation is eroding

Sometime within the last century, soil erosion began to exceed new soil formation over large areas. Countries all over the world -- including the United States -- are now expanding cultivation onto marginal land, a move that historically ends in …


Why I heart the Park Slope Food Co-Op

Brooklyn's Park Slope Food Co-op is a unique grocery store in which the shopper/members do most of the work. Like a great metropolis, on some level it shouldn't function. But it does -- spectacularly.