Heat makes honey toxic, and other myths of the hive

Dear Lou, I heard a rumor that honey is toxic when placed in hot water. Is that true? Doesn’t the whole world drink honey in hot tea? Also wondering about the harvesting of honey — …

Ah, the sweet smell of composting putrescents

Black (fly) magic

Adult black soldier fly.blacksoldierflyblog.comBlack soldier fly larvae are all the rage in composting, and the star performer in a new kind of “ultimate vermicomposting” system. These critters will devour anything biological that you can throw …

Jonesin' for a Ho-Ho

Scientists claim junk food is as addictive as heroin

With the rumors swirling that Michelle Obama is a big fan of former FDA Commissioner David Kessler’s new book The End of Overeating, it seems reasonable to check in on the science behind an “addiction …

Isi serious?

Obama’s attempt to tap an agrichemical-industry flack runs into trouble

While in charge of governmental affairs at Croplife America, Isi Siddiqui, second from left, talks global patent law with U.S. Trade Office officials on April 22, 2009. But don’t use the “L” word! Photo: U.S. …

Flash in the Pan

Ask Umbra on canned and frozen foods

Send your question to Umbra! Q. Dear Umbra, For those times when fresh vegetables are not available, are canned or frozen veggies the way to go from a sustainable and nutritional standpoint? Assume that we …

White House loads policy initiatives into a few hours of fun at Healthy Kids Fair

Cross-posted from Obama Foodorama. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack watches Mrs. Obama make remarks at the opening of the Fair.Photo: Obama FoodoramaA challenge for change, and White House Chefs demo’ing delicious, nutritious recipes… The autumn …

Putting the cob in macabre

Corn-based meat and ethanol: burning the planet to a crisp

Corn harvest in Iowa. Would you like that in your Big Mac, your gas tank, or both?Photo courtesy of USDA NRCS. What do industrially produced meat and corn-based ethanol have in common? Well, they both …

Unlocking the Gates

Bill Gates reveals support for GMO ag

As it has come to dominate the agenda for reshaping African agriculture over the years, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been very careful not to associate itself too closely with patent-protected biotechnology as …

Now that smarts

Will FDA take quotation marks off “Smart Choices”? [UPDATED]

SUPER DUPER UNBELIEVEABLE UPDATE: The AP reports that the “Smart Choices” label is taking a break: The Smart Choices nutrition labeling program, created voluntarily by nine large U.S. manufacturers, is halting after federal regulators said …

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