Not your grandma's sweet potato pie

The sweet potato is a very misunderstood vegetable, too often overshadowed in fall by the pumpkin and unfairly compared to the unrelated potato. See how well its sweetness plays against smoky and spicy flavors in this recipe for a free-form …

Stephen Colbert on the raw-milk raids and our 'right to get dysentery'

What Tea Partiers and hippie-foods Californian co-op members have in common, according to Stephen Colbert.

Harnessing mushrooms to replace plastic [VIDEO]

In this TED talk, product designer Eben Bayer describes a low-energy, fully compostable packaging assembled by a fungus from agricultural waste.

NYC moves to take soda off the food-stamp shopping list

New York City has asked federal permission to ban food stamp purchases of sugar-sweetened drinks. While some fret, it's a move worth making.

NYC's anti-soda ads hit right in the gut [VIDEO]

New York City's government has declared war on "sugar-sweetened beverages." While Mayor Michael Bloomberg would love to pass a controversial penny-per-ounce soda tax, his government isn't waiting around for the windfall to start discouraging residents from popping open a pop.

Court rules rBGH-free milk *is* better than the kind produced with artificial hormones. Now what?

News that an appeals court is overturning Ohio's ban on "rBGH-free" milk labeling has caused quite a splash. The court disagrees with the FDA that there is no "compositional difference" between milk produced with and without the artificial growth hormones. …

In search of black and Latino farmers in the sustainable food movement

One woman's journey to explore the urban-ag movement, learn to farm, and search for her black roots.

SunChips not-so-quietly buries its noisy compostable bags

Which is noisier: the SunChips compostable bag or the snacklash from chip-eaters who prefer their chips to crunch more loudly than the packaging? For now, it's RIP (but not in a compost pile) for the noisy packaging.

Life, uncontained: Fighting with weeds, squash — and GMOs

Living things have a habit of not doing what you expect them to. But sometimes plants and animals can go places you aren't intending, and the consequences can be minor ... or catastrophic.