Norman Borlaug, meet Will Allen

Under the Clinton Global Initiative, Growing Power takes its grassroots-agriculture model to Africa

Will Allen: Growing power–and gaining influence in development circles, too. At the Clinton Global Initiative wrap-up on Friday, ex-President Clinton made waves in the sustainable-ag world by declaring Will Allen of Milwaukee/Chicago-based based Growing Power his …

Alfred E. Neuman now leads the AFB

Big Ag on climate change: “What, me worry?”

Once again, topics covered at length in the pixels of Grist are slowly percolating out into the wider media world. Newsweek over the weekend posted an article by Jeneen Interlandi about the grave effects of …

No, <em>Impact</em>, Man

No Impact Man talks about making an impact

First, Colin Beavan donned a superhero nickname and gave up electricity, fossil fuels, un-local food, and buying stuff. He blogged, he wrote a book, he let filmmakers follow his family around (his wife and daughter …

Local Happens

Illinois points the way to food system reform

Not your father’s Corn Belt. This development in Illinois managed to pass somewhat under the radar, probably because it took place during the dog days of summer. But it’s still a big deal — Illinois …

GMO job--or new food paradigm?

Another Monsanto man in a key USDA post? Obama’s ag policy’s giving me whiplash

Like a tractor driven by a drunk, the Obama administration keeps zigzagging on food/ag policy–sometimes veering in the direction of progressive change, other times whipping back toward the agrichemical status quo. In the last couple …

Champagne and real pain

Big Ag places a foot soldier at the U.S. Trade Office–but loses a GMO court battle

Agribiz: flying high … or coming down? If you run a globe-spanning, U.S.-centered agribusiness firm, you’re probably not sure whether to cry in your Krug or toast with it this week.* The bad news for …

Open Letter to Editors of 'The Nation'

‘Nation’ misses golden opportunity to highlight workers’ voices

The food movement is slowly waking up to the fact that it has long treated the workers who plant and pick our food as if they were invisible. So it was with great anticipation that …

Mercury rising

To change your tuna, consider the sardine

In Checkout Line, Lou Bendrick cooks up answers to reader questions about how to green their food choices and other diet-related quandaries. Lettuce know what food worries keep you up at night. Hi there, I …

The real dill

Home pickles made easy–and delicious

Yes, you can (preserve your own peppers). All photos by April McGreger Judging from the first canning-equipment display I’ve ever seen at my local health-food store, home canning is undergoing a revival. Let us not …

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