Transgenic crops' built-in pesticide found to be contaminating waterways

Researchers at the University of Notre Dame have shown that the Bt toxin in genetically engineered crops is polluting waterways in Indiana.

Peak soil is no joke: Civilization's foundation is eroding

Sometime within the last century, soil erosion began to exceed new soil formation over large areas. Countries all over the world -- including the United States -- are now expanding cultivation onto marginal land, a move that historically ends in …

Why I heart the Park Slope Food Co-Op

Brooklyn's Park Slope Food Co-op is a unique grocery store in which the shopper/members do most of the work. Like a great metropolis, on some level it shouldn't function. But it does -- spectacularly.

A modest proposal for Congress: Ditch the extra funding for school lunch

In order to boost school lunches by pennies per meal, the Senate says it must take $2.2 billion away from the food stamp program. That's a bit like picking the pocket of one panhandler to put it in the hand …

Grocery stores try setting up fake farmers markets

Farmers markets have got a good thing growing. Unfortunately, copycats have been cropping up as they try to get their paws on the green that comes with that success.

This is why we're fat — by the numbers

Nibbling on the data nuggets found in this "Food Consumption in America" infographic delivers a real jaw-dropper, showing the literal weight of an average American's food choices in a typical year. See how Americans weigh in!

Do Berkeley school gardens get an A or a C for motivating kids?

Supporters of school gardens were thrilled with a new report showing that Berkeley's gardening and cooking initiative made students more eager to eat vegetables and choose healthy food. But a closer look reveals that while fourth- and fifth-graders benefited, middle-schoolers …

Urbivore's Dilemma, Week 16: Food in a time of loss

On my way to my Greek grandfather's deathbed, I ponder life, love, good dinners -- and people who make you sick.

What Does Berkeley's School Garden Study Really Mean?

Supporters of school gardens were positively giddy with news this week that a three-year study of a garden and cooking initiative in Berkeley, Calif., schools had shown students more eager to eat vegetables and make healthy food choices. But a …