10 enviro achievers honored with Heinz Awards

The 10 winners of this year's Heinz Awards work in a variety of disciplines, but they're all tackling the big environmental challenges of our times.

Carrot vending machines a surprise success

As Congress continues to do nothing about school lunch reform, an Ohio and a New York school have installed all-baby-carrot vending machines. And guess what? The kids bought them.

Why is the FDA about to rubber-stamp GE salmon?

The FDA is rushing through the approval process for AquaBounty's transgenic salmon, with a committee that's heavy on veterinarians and pro-biotech reps but light on experts in fish or consumer health. And once one unlabeled GE animal lands on our …

Signs of a reverse brain drain, from finance to farms

Holton Farms' Community Supported Agriculture program is unusual for several reasons, not least because it's being run by a former Credit Suisse banker.

New Agtivist: Francis Thicke wants to lead Iowa agriculture to a greener future

An organic dairy farmer, soil scientist, and wind-energy proponent is challenging an agribusiness darling for Iowa's Secretary of Agriculture. See what Michael Pollan thinks this means for Big Agribiz and why you should care about Francis Thicke.

Urbivore’s Dilemma, Week 15: Roasted squash, perfect pears spell summer into fall

The Urbivore got a CSA box full of the tastes of fall, but she has another dilemma. Shying away from factory farm eggs, she's been going for farm-fresh ones. But how does she know these chickens are really "free range"? …

It's official: Jack DeCoster rules the U.S. egg roost

In my Monday post, I couldn't quite establish that "habitual violator" Jack DeCoster controls the largest U.S. egg conglomerate. But new information has emerged that allows DeCoster to be crowned definitively king.

UPDATED: With the food safety bill dead, time for the FDA/USDA to grow some backbone

Food safety legislation has officially joined climate legislation as a corpse on the Senate floor. Now the onus is on Obama to purge the food-safety agencies of pervasive industry influence.

A new front in the chocolate-milk wars

A Washington Post columnist is worried -- along with the dairy industry -- that kids won't drink milk at all if they can't have chocolate or strawberry. What harm could a few teaspoons of sugar do? Well, a lot -- …