Urbivore's Dilemma, Week 16: Food in a time of loss

On my way to my Greek grandfather's deathbed, I ponder life, love, good dinners -- and people who make you sick.

What Does Berkeley's School Garden Study Really Mean?

Supporters of school gardens were positively giddy with news this week that a three-year study of a garden and cooking initiative in Berkeley, Calif., schools had shown students more eager to eat vegetables and make healthy food choices. But a …

Help the Corn Refiners rename high-fructose corn syrup

The Corn Refiners Association announced it was changing high-fructose corn syrup's name to "corn sugar" -- but oops! that's already a regulated term. Wanna give these guys a Gristy hand?

An 11-year-old schools us on what's wrong with the current food system [VIDEO]

In this TEDx video, 11-year-old Birke Baehr covers the risks of genetically modified foods, CAFOs, pesticides and fertilizers, and food irradiation.

Colbert to Congress: What would Jesus do about migrant farm workers? [VIDEO]

Stephen Colbert testified before Congress in wise-cracking character, but dropped the mask to explain why he thinks sticking up for farm workers is the Christian thing to do.

Stephen Colbert takes to the field — and the witness stand — for farm workers

Animal-rights groups have plenty of celebrity spokesmodels, most notably Alicia Silverstone. But labor rights, in particular for immigrant farm workers? Not so sexy. That is, until Stephen Colbert decided to have some fun with it.

Salmonella-free backyard eggs, coral catastrophe, BPA-go-go, and more

In my latest roundup of interesting food media, I sample eggs you can risk eating raw, the looming coral cataclysm, mega-dairies, and more.

Choosy tasters stick to Skippy-like organic peanut butters

Some of the scary problems with peanut butter can be avoided by buying organic. But do any of them taste as good as the bad stuff? Lou Bendrick assembles a panel to find out. Find out which one will drive …

Your meat is too big — try this worm instead

Americans have issues with meat. But maybe we wouldn't have so many problems if we started to favor the flavor of the small -- and wiggly. Would you make a meal of worms?