After a half billion bad eggs get released, the FDA reveals filthy conditions of Wright County Egg

There's nothing like an egg salmonella outbreak to inspire FDA inspectors to deliver blunt, graphic reports from inside the industrial food system


My Intentional Life: Hot Flies in the Summertime, Part 2

The roommates try to deal with an infestation of white flies in their new urban garden. Check out the web comic!

Business & Technology

What do cream cheese, screws, and solar panels have in common?

What really caught my eye was the Philadelphia brand cream cheese label that said the product was made with renewable energy.

Food Feeding the City

Smart cities are (un)paving the way for urban farmers and locavores

Across the U.S., cities are buckling up their green belts and introducing legislation to foster local-food production of everything from cucumbers to yellow limes, reports Kerry Trueman for Grist's Feeding the City series. Because nobody wants to get caught with …


Ask Umbra on healthy soil for urban and suburban farmers and gardeners

A reader wants to know if urban dirt is safe for growing food. Is there lead in that urban farm salad? Umbra investigates and gives some savvy tips.


D.C.’s first-ever state fair a hit — and so are my zucchini

Can a state that's not a state have a state fair? For too long, the nation's capital has been denied deep-fried Twinkies, Ferris wheels, and pie-eating contests.


Grist deputy food editor lands insightful op-ed on salmonella scare

Why does Europe have fewer food scares than we do? Grist deputy food editor Bonnie Powell lays it out in a Reuters op-ed.


War-era food posters: Wacky, well-meaning, and still relevant [SLIDESHOW]

Skinless frankfurters, laying-hen lessons, fat recycling -- the Obama administration could take a few tips from propagandizing presidencies past.


Urbivore’s Dilemma, Week 12: Salting vegetables and nonstick cookware

August marks a rich point in summer with food bursting on the vine. This week, the Urbivore salts and cooks an eggplant; as things get sizzling, she takes a closer look at nonstick cookware.