One sick chicken

How far do you go to treat a farm animal? Balancing animal welfare, farm economics, and government means making tough calls.

Revelations from the House egg-recall hearing

On Wednesday, the House hauled in major players from the 550-million egg recall. Some squawked like caged hens. Others kept their beaks shut. Analysis follows.

Booze in bulk with self-serve wine dispensers

If the French don't look down their noses at the unbottled joys of bulk wine, why can't we? Waste not and wine a lot!

High-fructose corn syrup and scientific research: an exchange

On the Atlantic website, James McWilliams chastised me for my past coverage of the health effects of high-fructose corn syrup. Here's my response.

Food Feeding the City

Philadelphia's urban-farming roots go deep — and are spreading wide

Philly's homegrown ag movement isn't just about getting more local produce into farmers markets. It's focused on farming as a source of jobs and skills for city residents as well as a means to provide them affordable, healthy food.

Ben & Jerry's latest flavor: genetically engineered fish

Most ice cream lovers probably wouldn't line up for any flavor dubbed "Something's Fishy." That is, unless it were Ben & Jerry's phamous Phish Food in political disguise. Would you bite?

Corn subsidies make unhealthy food choices the rational ones

Deliberations have already begun over the Farm Bill, which comes up for debate again in 2012. The corn refiners' recent push to re-brand corn syrup is a clear response to growing consumer awareness that we need to reform which kind …

10 enviro achievers honored with Heinz Awards

The 10 winners of this year's Heinz Awards work in a variety of disciplines, but they're all tackling the big environmental challenges of our times.

Carrot vending machines a surprise success

As Congress continues to do nothing about school lunch reform, an Ohio and a New York school have installed all-baby-carrot vending machines. And guess what? The kids bought them.