food blues

Food reform. Health reform. How about income reform?

Where the deals are.First came the news that anti-reformer Sen. Blanche Lincoln has taken over the Senate Agriculture Committee. Now, from the US Census Bureau …

'Smart Choices," vulnerable communities

An open letter to the dean who promoted Froot Loops as a “smart choice”

Editor’s note: Several of the nation’s largest food manufacturers recently rolled out a new label called “Smart Choices.” Controversy erupted when processed junk like Froot …

A farmer speaks

Farmer Gene Logsdon on the promise of a home ‘pancake patch’

Gene Logsdon on his farm.Gene Logsdon is one of the clearest and most original voices of rural America. He’s a farmer in Ohio not far …

Ripe tomato

Large Florida grower steps up for farm workers

Eat a slice of fresh tomato from the supermarket or at a restaurant this winter, and chances are it will have come from a field …

Stirring the pot

Nationwide “eat-ins” show way to a revived National School Lunch Program

Chowing down for better school lunches in Iowa City.Photo: Kurt Michael FrieseAll across the country this past Labor Day, folks gathered for picnics. That’s no …

Urban gardening as survival mechanism

Growing hope and fighting hunger on the Gaza Strip

Gaza gardeners, with harvest.Photo: Grassroots InternationalThis is the time of year when gardeners start to reap their rewards–fruits and vegetables that make for a healthy …

Hi, cotton

Arkansas’ Blanche Lincoln grabs Senate ag committee chair [UPDATED]

Blanche Lincoln: bully for industrial cotton growers; bad for climate change mitigation. [Note: This post has been updated to reflect confirmation that Blanche Lincoln will …

The Contrarian's Dilemma

James McWilliams’ over-hyped and undercooked anti-locavore polemic

Cows on pasture: potential solution, or menace to society? What is just food? One might answer: food produced without causing undue ecological damage, food grown …

A Label Too Far

Big Food’s ‘Smart Choices’ label raises eyebrows at the FDA

“Smart Choice”–where’s the hole in this logic?Zanastardust/FlickrYou don’t need to be a nutritionist with an advanced degree to know that Froot Loops only qualifies as …

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