Ripley's Eat It or Not [SLIDESHOW]

You could listen to Michael Pollan and "eat food, not too much, mostly plants." Or, you could take lessons from Ripley's collection of food freaks and freaky foods.

Notorious agribiz giant Monsanto hired notorious ‘security’ firm Blackwater

Monsanto hired one of Blackwater's shell companies to monitor activist websites, and the Blackwater offshoot offered to infiltrate activist groups.

Fish kill whodunnit in Gulf: Is Big Ag or Big Oil the perp?

A sickening massacre of fish has nearly paved a Louisiana waterway with dead bodies. There are two likely suspects, and probably neither will be brought to justice.

Ezra Klein makes lame case for industrial food

Are industrial farms the way forward? Washington Post pundit Ezra Klein thinks so. Shockingly, Tom Philpott disagrees.

Death by McDonald's [VIDEO]

A group of U.S. doctors has a morbid new ad aimed at taking a bite out of Americans' fatal attraction to fast food. Watch the short ad.

Is it greener to be a homemaker than to have a job outside the home?

A letter writer argues that it's better for the planet if one partner in a household stays out of the workforce. But that's quite a stretch.

FDA set to accept junk science for 'Frankenfish' safety studies

A new salmon combines genes from Chinook salmon and the ocean pout, and often ends up deformed as a result. So why is the FDA about to approve it based solely on flawed studies by its creator, AquaBounty?

'High-fructose corn syrup'? Never heard of it

Consumers turning against your product? Change its name on ingredient lists! Buh-bye, much-maligned HFCS, and hello, sweetly natural "corn sugar."

'Habitual violator' Jack DeCoster may secretly be largest U.S. chick magnate

By the standards of the U.S. egg industry, Jack DeCoster looks at first glance like a relatively small player. But when you unravel his companies' tangled ownership chain, the infamous factory-farmer emerges as the rooster of the hen yard.