Climate & Energy

The environmentalist's paradox: we do better while the earth does worse

More people have more money, health, mobility, food, and security than ever before in human history. The natural world, however, is going to sh*t.


Six ways to save time and energy in the kitchen

Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to get your kitchen organized. Here are some tips that will help you cook delicious meals from scratch quickly and easily, and waste less of that seasonal produce you're buying.

Business & Technology

It (almost) can't get more local than growing at the grocery store

Are farmers markets not fresh enough for you? Do you love the experience of walking down aisles of food which the grocery store can offer but cringe at the miles and minutes it took for your dinner to reach you? …


New study weighs in on organic vs. conventional debate

Guess what? Organically grown strawberries are indeed healthier, tastier, and better for the soil than their conventional counterparts. Boo-yah!


Help! I have vampires on the farm

This year's mosquitoes are sucking all the life out of summer on a farm in Nebraska.


Avett Brothers play benefit show; give me excuse to write about them

Y'all know I love The Avett Brothers something fierce. It's rare that they wander into Grist's purview, so I don't usually get a chance to write about them. However! They recently played a benefit for Terra Nova Community Farm in …

Business & Technology

The price of cheap Walmart eggs? Mummified hens and tainted eggs

Atrocious sanitary conditions prevailed within the factory-scale facilities responsible for the egg recall. But the structure of the U.S. food market and the companies that benefit from its consolidation are far more to blame than any one egg tycoon.

Food Feeding the City

New Agtivist: Gene Fredericks is thinking inside the city’s big box

They're the bane of urban and suburban areas alike: the vacant, boarded-up K-Marts and Home Depot Expos. But where most people see blight and a waste of space, San Francisco Bay Area entrepreneur Gene Fredericks sees opportunity: to grow food. …


After a half billion bad eggs get released, the FDA reveals filthy conditions of Wright County Egg

There's nothing like an egg salmonella outbreak to inspire FDA inspectors to deliver blunt, graphic reports from inside the industrial food system