To establish 'integrity,' Chipotle Grill needs to stand against farmworker abuse

Chipotle Grill won't live up to its "integrity" slogan until it stands with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers against slavery.

The atrazine emails: Science with an attitude is still science

UC Berkeley professor Tyrone Hayes sent obscene emails to pesticide maker Syngenta's staff. But that doesn't invalidate his research on atrazine.

Our energy-gulping industrial food system revealed in eight bullet points

New York Times recently ran Stephen Budiansky's op-ed hailing the energy efficiency of the industrial food system. The reality is much more complex

Do you have the balls to really change the food system?

You like nose-to-tail dinners and street-food festivals. Your bananas and coffee are Fair Trade, but everything else is Far From It. Sound familiar? A farmer and real-food activist lays out what you can do if you truly want to change …

Michelle Obama to Congress: Without school food reform, anti-obesity initiative may fail

Michelle Obama renews her call for Congress to pass the "Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act" touting an increase in funding. But it's about more than that -- the bill may finally get junk food out of schools.

Is PETA Butter full of … vegans?

If peanut butter is chock full of peanuts, and PETA is chock full of vegans, then the only logical conclusion is that PETA Butter is chock full of vegans, no?

Searching for eggs in all the right places

It's like Easter in September on my farm, where "free range" seems to mean "free to lay your eggs anywhere but in your nice, spacious coop."

Six things you should know before defying the real food police

Growing numbers of folks involved in raw milk and other alternative foods are refusing to abide by government edicts and shutdown orders. Here's what to expect if you join the ranks of the resistance.

WTF should you make for dinner?

The adventures of daily life are many and varied and often don't amount to much. Sometimes it's just a matter of wanting to know what the f**k I should make for dinner that day. So thank goodness for this dirty-mouthed …