A Label Too Far

Big Food’s ‘Smart Choices’ label raises eyebrows at the FDA

“Smart Choice”–where’s the hole in this logic?Zanastardust/FlickrYou don’t need to be a nutritionist with an advanced degree to know that Froot Loops only qualifies as …

Hope, damn it!

In dark times, back to the garden

While climate change rages ahead, the climate bill is flat on its back and the most progressive green on President Obama’s staff looks on the …

You're not from around here, are you?

‘Localwashing’ in pictures — bogus marketing at its finest

Local food, local goods, local everything is in, as you’ve no doubt heard. Local is fresher. Local burns less shipping fuel. Local keeps the wealth …

Choice nuggets

From Big Ag’s climate problem to Whole Foods’ latest snafu, tasty morsels from around the Web

 When my info-larder gets too packed, it’s time to serve up some choice nuggets from around the Web. —————- Get ’em while they’re hot.  • …

California screamin'

California’s ag crisis and our concentrated food system

Not  many “green shoots” in the Central Valley. California’s severe drought–which could well be related to climate change–isn’t just menacing Los Angeles. The drought has …

No justice, no sustainability

‘Time’ was right about cheap food–but forgot farmworkers

The widely read recent Time cover story “Getting Real about the High Price of Cheap Food” is a useful complement to current discussions about our …

How I got drafted into James McWilliams’ anti-locavore diatribe

It’s happened a lot lately. Someone will send me the latest political diatribe that quotes my work. “What do you think of this guy?” they …

Shell game

UPDATED: The cruelty of industrial egg-riculture — plus a tasty recipe for your local pastured eggs

Consider the egg. Photo: Kurt Michael Friese UPDATE:  The owner of the hatchery in the video mentioned below has spoken out, says there were violations …

Ad Nauseum

NYC warns residents: “Don’t Drink Yourself Fat”

While the evidence continues to mount that taxes alone aren’t enough to significantly reduce junk food consumption, the political prospects for passing a federal soda …

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