Markey and Waxman cut the crap

New climate legislation overlooks a major GHG source: industrial ag

Like many others in the climate movement, I have been waiting for weeks (well, years actually) for broad and sweeping climate change legislation.  Back in January the economy captured Congressional attention and I knew global warming legislation would simply have to wait.  Finally, yesterday, Representatives Markey and Waxman introduced their “American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009″, a wide-reaching cap and trade initiative with more ambitious emission reductions (83% below 2005 levels by 2050) than President Obama had even advocated for.  For that, and for a variety of other progressive initiatives including those for energy efficiency, green jobs, and …


Using markets to make fisheries sustainable

Around the world, over-fishing is leading to severe depletion of valuable fisheries. This is as true in U.S. coastal waters as it is in many other parts of the world. In New England waters, for example, after two decades of ever more intensive fishing, the groundfish fishery has essentially collapsed. But, we are not alone. According to the United Nations Environment Program, fully 25 percent of fisheries worldwide are in jeopardy of collapse due to over-fishing. Clearly, something needs to be done. Yet, what has long been considered the obvious answer — restrictions on fishing — has been shown time …

It's what's for dinner

Reader review: Eat Local

“I just discovered Eat Local in Queen Anne — great local, organic food, cooked by a master chef and frozen in returnable glass Tupperware or compostable paper trays. I picked up some emergency work lunches, and they were delicious. They also have larger meals for sale in case you need to feed more than one and are running home. The price seems expensive, but it’s not really much more than buying local, organic ingredients and making it yourself. They also partner with local artists like Nikki McClure to make logos, and they sell some local crafts. And they have great …

The grass isn't always greener

The straight dope on local, organic weed

Is it better to buy locally grown marijuana which may have been fed with chemicals, or organic hooch from far away?

Means to an end

Umbra on mean drivers and other questions

Dear Umbra, Your kindness article inspired a question: Is it possible that pesticides make people mean? Perhaps because their bodies sense that they are under attack? The parking lot behavior at regular food stores versus organic stores serves as my non-scientific database. Pedestrially yours,Pat G.Albuquerque, N.M. Dearest Readers, RoundUp rage? iStock Back again for another day of Spring Inbox Cleaning, in which we go over a few questions that I have let molder away in the Inbox Closet. These are queries for which I have no legitimate answer, either because there is no answer or because I am left speechless. …


Pepsi makes good choices, or at least good PR hires

Dudes, what’s up with Pepsi? In the last few weeks the company has released at least three splashy sustainability stories touting its: testing of green vending machines in D.C. (30 out of 4-5 million, but hey) introduction of Eco-Fina, an Aquafina bottle that uses 50 percent less plastic (still plastic and still bottled water, but … hey) marketing of limited-time Throwback versions of Pepsi and Mountain Dew that contain real sugar instead of the dreaded high-fructose corn syrup (still rots your teeth and gut, but … hey?). The efforts are apparently part of PepsiCo’s “Performance with Purpose” sustainability initiative — …

Speak food to power

The food movement needs to hone its political skills

I haven’t had a chance to weigh in on the issues raised by Andrew Martin’s recent NYT feature on the food movement. Despite the giddiness that comes with hearing that “a prominent food industry lobbyist… said he was amazed at how many members of Congress were carrying copies of ‘The Omnivore’s Dilemma,'” some felt that the article, with its focus on Alice Waters — who becomes more controversial by the day — and Michael Pollan as food movement “leaders,” was a hit piece. Personally, I think of it as a reality check. Obamafoodorama is on to something in seeing that …

Why it will be very hard to save sharks from extinction

Here’s a video from a restaurant in Hong Kong which illustrates how much trouble the world’s sharks are in. If this woman’s reaction to the kitchen being ‘all out’ of shark fin soup is representative of the expectations of people in just Hong Kong, then sharks are in for a lot more senseless finning in the years ahead.

'Food Fight' breaks out in Seattle

Food-movement doc screens March 28 in Emerald City; Philpott, Alice Waters to attend

So, I’m featured as a talking head in a documentary on the sustainable-food movement called Food Fight. Other folks who appear include Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, and Dan Barber.  Food Fight will be screening this coming Saturday, March 28, 7 pm,  in Seattle as part of Green Festival. I’ll be attending the screening, and moderating a panel afterward featuring Alice Waters and the film’s director, Chris Taylor. Grist-reading Seattle dwellers should attend — you don’t need a Green Festival badge to get in. The showing will take place at the Seattle Town Hall, located at 1119 8th Ave. And for …

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