Meat eating can be an environmentally friendly choice, argues George Monbiot

Vegans have long been the ornery saints squatting cross-legged at the intersection of the food and environmental movements. But a new book has persuaded George Monbiot, for one, that there is a way to eat meat and dairy with a …

The greatest wannabe junk food on the planet — 'extreme baby carrots'

If only vegetables had bright packaging, adrenaline-packed commercials, and millions of dollars for marketing campaigns! Maybe then they could compete with the glitzy success of junk food. Or they could go the route of "baby carrots" and pretend they're junk …

Food Feeding the City

Can Oakland plant a policy revolution to match its grassroots efforts?

Unlike in Seattle or San Francisco, urban ag projects in Oakland have flourished through benign neglect.

This Labor Day, will Trader Joe's finally do right by farmworkers?

Trader Joe's is among the most recent targets of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers' Fair Food Campaign. But if Joe is feeling the heat, he ain't showing it.

The environmentalist's paradox: we do better while the earth does worse

More people have more money, health, mobility, food, and security than ever before in human history. The natural world, however, is going to sh*t.

Six ways to save time and energy in the kitchen

Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to get your kitchen organized. Here are some tips that will help you cook delicious meals from scratch quickly and easily, and waste less of that seasonal produce you're buying.

It (almost) can't get more local than growing at the grocery store

Are farmers markets not fresh enough for you? Do you love the experience of walking down aisles of food which the grocery store can offer but cringe at the miles and minutes it took for your dinner to reach you? …

New study weighs in on organic vs. conventional debate

Guess what? Organically grown strawberries are indeed healthier, tastier, and better for the soil than their conventional counterparts. Boo-yah!

Help! I have vampires on the farm

This year's mosquitoes are sucking all the life out of summer on a farm in Nebraska.