'Habitual violator' Jack DeCoster may secretly be largest U.S. chick magnate

By the standards of the U.S. egg industry, Jack DeCoster looks at first glance like a relatively small player. But when you unravel his companies' tangled ownership chain, the infamous factory-farmer emerges as the rooster of the hen yard.

Lady Gaga’s VMA meat dress ‘no disrespect’ to vegans and vegetarians

Lady Gaga took home Video of the Year at the 2010 Video Music Awards, but she could have also grabbed the title of "Best Dressed" when she strutted out with her hams dressed in meat. Watch Ellen DeGeneres give her …

Food Feeding the City

Colin McCrate wants you to eat your yard [AUDIO SLIDESHOW]

There’s a new kind of farmer in town. Colin McCrate is using his agricultural know-how to convert sprawling urban yards into edible bounty.

Ask Umbra on avoiding crude oil in vinegar

Ask Umbra uncaps the nuances of vinegar here in this white vinegar primer. Don't mix crude oil with your vinegar!

Save school lunch from snack-happy government standards

We need the Child Nutrition Act pending in Congress passed to save children from sugar-heavy meals that are destroying their health.

War of the worlds: FarmVille vs. real farms

Why are people flocking to tend virtual sheep on Facebook when so many real farmers are virtually barely scraping by? See how the two measure up when planted side-by-side in this telling infographic.

Food Feeding the City

Three projects that are watering Detroit's ‘food desert'

Food has emerged as the key motivating force of Detroiters' efforts to re-imagine their town as a thriving, livable place. Here are three representatives of the spirit driving the 21st-century version of the Motor City.

Urbivore’s Dilemma, Weeks 13 &14: Being away from my CSA box

Forced to eat cafeteria food for six days straight, the Urbivore has a new dilemma -- being homesick for her local-veggie box. Can such fresh food spoil you? And why does it spoil so fast, anyway?

To establish 'integrity,' Chipotle Grill needs to stand against farmworker abuse

Chipotle Grill won't live up to its "integrity" slogan until it stands with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers against slavery.