Meat, climate change, and industry tripe

Washington Post food-politics columnist Ezra Klein has taken a stand: people should eat less meat, because of its vast greenhouse gas footprint. To make his …

Cook's night in

Thoughts inspired by Pollan’s provocative piece on cooking

Where is everybody?Photo: Shindz, via FlickrWhen I think hard about what it would take to create a just and sustainable food system, two big obstacles …

The shark of history bends toward justice

It’s time to end the practice of shark finning

This post is co-authored with Discovery Channel GM & President John Ford. —– Photo: Willy VolkEvery half-second a shark is killed for its fins, so …

Andalucia in a bowl

From southern Spain, the king of summer soups

Spanish steps to the perfect summer soup.Like Penelope Cruz, my restaurant has a Spanish accent. I can’t quite say “theme,” because the menu is far …


Can climate legislation survive the Senate Ag Committee’s embrace?

Real climate action–or agribusiness as usual?Photo: mike138After the House narrowly passed the Waxman-Markey climate legislation, there was some talk that the bill might be “strengthened” …

Beer me, Barry!

Unsolicited advice about organic beer for the Obama Beer Summit

Every once in a while, Obama reminds us that a thinking human being, and not a card-reading automaton, has taken over the White House. The …

Salad spinner

With House food-safety bill a done deal, questions remain [UPDATED]

Healthy appetizer — or public-health menace.[The House Food Safety Bill passed overwhelmingly Thursday afternoon. See more at bottom of post.] ————- The House will vote …

Notable quotable

On the origin of ‘superweeds’ and the chemical treadmill

“There is no telling how many articles I have written with the theme of ‘Roundup every Monday morning until there is nothing out there but …

Notable quotable

Dow Agrosciences: farm like there’s no tomorrow!

“If you’re going to farm a piece of land, you ought to farm it for all its worth.”–Tim Hassinger, commercial vice president at Dow AgroSciences, …

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