An anti-corn elitist’s pro-corn pasta

This very week, the sweet-corn patch on Maverick Farms came ripe. Harvesting and processing it took half a dozen people nearly all day. Here's what I fed them for lunch.

Food Feeding the City

Nouvelle food trucks make fast food with slow values

Can local, sustainably grown, organic ingredients make street food actually good for us -- and the planet?

D.C. Public Schools partners with food-service agency that teaches ex-cons to cook

The District of Columbia is about to embark on what may be the nation's most unorthodox public-school food program: meals made from scratch, using locally grown ingredients, by a charitable social-services agency whose primary mission is feeding the homeless and …

USDA wants us to 'know your farmer,' FDA wants us to stay home

A new federal law went into effect last month, supposedly designed to reduce the risk of Salmonella enteritidis contamination, which requires farms with more than 3,000 hens to abide by strict sanitation practices, including keeping customers out of the chicken …

A new way to grow peas: in your lungs

Nowadays growing food is totally hip, delicious, and sure to appease the most Frugal Freddy. But this is the weirdest place we've ever heard of growing food.

Please eat this fish to extinction

In the recent wave of goodwill toward the ocean, some people are channeling the Noah's Ark approach to saving sea life while others are channeling Hungry Hungry Hippos. Check out this snack-rifice.

An anti-corn elitist helps harvest … corn

Up to my elbows in corn, I explain why -- despite recent dead zone and ethanol rants -- I am not against the grain.

Food Feeding the City

Baltimore seeds city farms as path to sustainability, jobs

Forget "Homicide" and "The Wire." In some Baltimore circles, there's now a lot more talk of sustainability and green living than of the murder rate, and ambitious plans for workforce training and job opportunities are under way -- on places …

Corn industry fights back over my depiction of corn's role in the Gulf dead zone

A National Corn Growers Association rep calls one of my posts about the Gulf of Mexico dead zone "snobbish" and the "rantings of an elitist with an anti-corn agenda." In addition to those fighting words, she took a swing at …