Grist deputy food editor lands insightful op-ed on salmonella scare

Why does Europe have fewer food scares than we do? Grist deputy food editor Bonnie Powell lays it out in a Reuters op-ed.

War-era food posters: Wacky, well-meaning, and still relevant [SLIDESHOW]

Skinless frankfurters, laying-hen lessons, fat recycling -- the Obama administration could take a few tips from propagandizing presidencies past.

Urbivore’s Dilemma, Week 12: Salting vegetables and nonstick cookware

August marks a rich point in summer with food bursting on the vine. This week, the Urbivore salts and cooks an eggplant; as things get sizzling, she takes a closer look at nonstick cookware.

Iowa ag secretary boasted of state's vast egg industry, failed to regulate it

Why was Wright County Egg owner Jack DeCoster allowed to run a massive feed mill completely unregulated by the state of Iowa?

Canada declares BPA toxic. Why haven't we?

Canada has officially declared bisphenol A toxic, in brazen defiance of the chemical industry. Here's hoping that will give the U.S. Senate the spine to follow suit.

Food Feeding the City

Three mobile vendors that are 'Feeding the City' one quick, guilt-free snack at a time

The Bay Area's Primo's Parilla and Let's Be Frank, along with People's Pops of New York, are making tasty, mid-priced food from quality ingredients.

Walmart, Tyson recall 380,000 pounds of tainted 'deli meats'

Walmart transforms Tyson's meat into millions of "Marketside Grab and Go sandwiches." And somehow they're carrying a bad, bad bug called Listeria.

Midwestern wine makers have it tough — but neighbors can make it tougher

In 1999, there were three grape vineyards in Iowa. Now there are 230. But each could be wiped out by a commonly applied pesticide called 2, 4-D.


Do locavores really need math lessons?

Are locavores wrong in thinking they're helping to save the planet, as a recent NYT op-ed challenged? Experts James McWilliams, Anna Lappe, and others weigh in.