An anti-corn elitist helps harvest … corn

Up to my elbows in corn, I explain why -- despite recent dead zone and ethanol rants -- I am not against the grain.

Food Feeding the City

Baltimore seeds city farms as path to sustainability, jobs

Forget "Homicide" and "The Wire." In some Baltimore circles, there's now a lot more talk of sustainability and green living than of the murder rate, and ambitious plans for workforce training and job opportunities are under way -- on places …

Corn industry fights back over my depiction of corn's role in the Gulf dead zone

A National Corn Growers Association rep calls one of my posts about the Gulf of Mexico dead zone "snobbish" and the "rantings of an elitist with an anti-corn agenda." In addition to those fighting words, she took a swing at …

Urbivore’s Dilemma, Week 9: The well-traveled vegetable

A takeout eater turned farm-fresh foodivore takes her vegetables on vacation and tries to figure out where to compost their remnants. Should she get a worm bin? Weigh in!

Canola gone wild! Uh-oh, transgenic plants are escaping and interbreeding

Scientists have found novel strains of canola, genetically modified to resist multiple pesticides, that are growing wild along North Dakota roads.

The climate clock ticks faster, a solar campus, butter as biofuel, and 7 more green tales

Ten stories you might have missed from the greenosphere.

Southern fig cake and old-fashioned fig preserves

Eating fresh figs is so sensual that it practically makes me blush. But if you're lucky enough to have a glut of these beauties, here are some recipes to preserve them for savoring later.

Food Feeding the City

Urban farms around America are breaking through concrete and hitting sustainable paydirt [SLIDESHOW]

From mid-May through July, Grist readers followed along as the Breaking through Concrete guys hit the highway to visit a couple dozen urban farms across America. Here, they sum up their trip and share some of Michael Hanson's most indelible …

School lunch reform act creeps toward passage

The "Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act" has passed the Senate. But time is running out.