The county fair: Less country every year, even in Nebraska

When the tomatoes turn red and the corn is so tall I can't even reach the top by jumping, I get a hankering for funnel cake, sno-cones, and the tilt-a-whirl. It must be county fair season in the Midwest! But …

D.C. schools refuse to disclose food-rebate accounting

Attorneys for D.C. Public Schools have refused to release an accounting of more than $1 million in rebates received from corporate food manufacturers, claiming that details about the rebates constitute "trade secrets."

A recently converted vegetarian tells which meatless dogs cut the mustard

Do vegetarians have to trade that smoky, juicy hot-dog flavor from our childhood ballgames for rubbery, ersatz wieners? A brand new herbivore fearlessly fires up the grill to find out.

Urbivore’s Dilemma, Week 10: the veggies of summer

Making pesto for the first time, learning how to pickle, discovering panzanella, and improved self-esteem. All part of the territory for this CSA shareholder in week 10 of a take-out eater's transformation into Community Supported Agriculture fiend.

Master small-scale farmer Eliot Coleman speaks [VIDEO]

When chemical-farming advocates dismiss organic farmers as Luddites, I always think of the brilliant Eliot Coleman. Check out a video of the master farmer sharing his wisdom.

The meat industry feels the heat as the sustainable-food movement gains force

Once, the meat industry acted with impunity, confident that its lobbying clout could deflect challenges to its practices. Now it's on the defensive.

Food Feeding the City

Composting 101 for citydwellers

If you're going to all the trouble to eat locally grown, organic vegetables, it's a shame to truck their remains away to landfill prison when you could be feeding them back to the earth. So why aren't you composting yet?

Risk to kids from toxic pesticides may be underestimated, study finds

A new study sheds light on the murky topic of childhood pesticide exposure.

Food Feeding the City

New Orleans steps up its local-food game

New Orleans has the sense of a wild laboratory, with free-wheeling discussions about food security and plenty of action. It's partly because of Katrina's ruin, but it's also just part of the culture, reports David Hanson for Feeding the City.