Farmers markets growing like weeds around country

The USDA announced that there are now 6,132 farmers markets in the country, up a stunning 214 percent since 2000. But direct sales still represent just a tiny drop in the U.S. food bucket.

The Governator defends a farm-labor regime that dates back to the days of lynchings

By vetoing a bill that would have given farm workers equal footing with other workers, California's governor has defended an injustice that lies at the heart of our food system.

Food Feeding the City

New Agtivist: Urban farmer Annie Novak aims sky high

From her rooftop perch at Eagle Street Farm, urban farmer Annie Novak is on a mission to inspire New Yorkers to grow, cook, and eat good food. She shares what motivates her and what advice she offers for potential farmers …

Food Feeding the City

The history of urban agriculture should inspire its future

Urban agriculture seems new and exotic, but it's been the norm for cities since the dawn of farming 10,000 years ago.

Cooking outside my comfort zone, Part 2: Fresh chickpeas

Last week, in honor of National Farmers Market Week Aug 1-7, I vowed to buy and cook some unfamiliar vegetables. My second foray, into fresh garbanzo beans, has opened the door to a new acquaintance.

Waiter, there's some-fin in my soup [VIDEO]

If you give a flip about what flops across your plate -- and want to avoid the dinner faux pas of the lady in this video -- then now is a great time to take some advice from the TV …

More corn for meat and ethanol, less habitat for Gulf fish

As if the Deepwater Horizon disaster weren’t enough, this year’s dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico is one of the largest ever.

Stunning color images of Depression-era rural America [SLIDESHOW]

You're probably familiar with the iconic black-and-white photos of farmworkers by Dorothea Lange and others, but these color images offer a gripping, intimate glimpse of the effects of the Depression on America's rural and small-town residents.

Ask Umbra on avoiding 'pink slime' in ground beef and flushing kitty litter

Ask Umbra tackles where to buy slime-free hamburger meat. She also revisits the flushability issue from last week's kitty litter column.