Urbivore's Dilemma, Week 7: Cooking with the ones you love

A former latch-key-kid-turned-takeout eater discusses harmony and chaos in the kitchen.

Norman Borlaug's grandddaughter says hunger is a production problem — and GMOs are the answer

At an agrichemical industry conference held in D.C. recently, Julie Borlaug told the assembled executives what they wanted to hear.

Cook outside your comfort zone in honor of National Farmers Market Week

I'm in a rut with my farmers market routine. I know what I like to buy, who I like to buy it from, and I head straight for those stands. So this year, I'm going to celebrate National Farmers Market …

Fast food's vomit-worthy hall of gimmicks [SLIDESHOW]

Using extra meat as the "buns." Adding an extra sandwich or two. Making anything a "footlong." What results from these tricks of the fast food world aren't examples of food; they're freak sideshows, novelties, gimmicks of a cheap'n'easy system of …

Want raw milk? Lease a farm — and hire a lawyer

As recent raids on private food-buying clubs indicate, the U.S. is moving closer to judicial consideration of whether consumers can freely opt out of the factory-food system and eat what they want directly from small farms.

Sodexo to pay New York $20 million for school-meal rebate fraud

Sodexo, one of the world's largest food service companies, has agreed to settle complaints that it fraudulently pocketed rebates from food manufacturers that it was supposed to turn over to some 21 public school districts and the State University of …

House Ag Committee to USDA: Take your livestock reform and shove it

The USDA tries to level the playing field for small poultry producers, but the House Ag Committee plays block and tackle on industry's behalf.

Fruit and veggies as you’ve never seen them before

The Inside Insides blog has posted animated MRI scans of fruits and vegetables such as corn, durian, bananas, mushrooms, and broccoli. The results are beautiful in an otherworldly way and strangely hypnotic — spiraling Fibonacci series of seeds and ghostly …

Chefs and parents plot a lunch revolution at one D.C. public school

A group of chefs and parents plan to turn Tyler Elementary’s kitchen-cum-makeshift-office into a place to cook actual food.(Ed Bruske photos) A group of prominent Washington, D.C.-area restaurant chefs has volunteered to introduce a novel concept in school-food service to one Capitol …