School lunch reform still alive — but in critical condition

The school lunch reform bill is finally moving in Congress -- but perhaps not fast enough to save it.

WTFood: Would you drink Jamba Juice's 'Cheeseburger Chill Smoothie'?

Fast-food turf wars are nothing new. What's new is when one restaurant openly mocks the others for it with an amazing product like Jamba Juice's Cheeseburger Chill Smoothie, "a delightful mix of real beefy goodness, smothered in cheese, loaded with …

Philly chef gets his hands dirty for his farm-to-table restaurant [SLIDESHOW]

I recently spent a morning with a Philadelphia chef, Mitch Prensky of Supper, who takes the concept of farm-to-table seriously enough to enter into an unconventional partnership with nearby Blue Elephant Farm.

Mini cattle may shrink the hoofprint of eating beef

Cows (deservedly) get a lot of grief for beef's hefty contribution to global warming, which means we should steer clear of adding more of them to the world, right? Maybe not entirely, thanks to the benefits of these itty-bitty bovines.

Sports stadiums rack up gag-worthy food violations (especially Florida's)

According to a report for ESPN, Florida boasts seven of the eight stadiums nationwide in which 75 percent or more of food vendors were in violation of food safety regulations, including for things like a "buildup of slime."

The time is ripe for 'Food Forward' TV show

America seems to have an insatiable appetite for food-themed TV shows, but very few explore where the food comes from. A new series hopes to change that, by showcasing the people trying to change how we eat in America.

Financial-reform bill limits the speculation in ag commodity markets that sparked food crisis

While we mourn the dead climate legislation, it's worth noting that something non-hideous emerged from Congress last week. Buried within the financial reform bill, there's a set of provisions that evidently limit excessive speculation in ag commodity markets -- something …

Urbivore's Dilemma, Week 7: Cooking with the ones you love

A former latch-key-kid-turned-takeout eater discusses harmony and chaos in the kitchen.

Norman Borlaug's grandddaughter says hunger is a production problem — and GMOs are the answer

At an agrichemical industry conference held in D.C. recently, Julie Borlaug told the assembled executives what they wanted to hear.