It's what's for dinner

Reader review: Eat Local

“I just discovered Eat Local in Queen Anne — great local, organic food, cooked by a master chef and frozen in returnable glass Tupperware or …

The grass isn't always greener

The straight dope on local, organic weed

Is it better to buy locally grown marijuana which may have been fed with chemicals, or organic hooch from far away?

Means to an end

Umbra on mean drivers and other questions

Dear Umbra, Your kindness article inspired a question: Is it possible that pesticides make people mean? Perhaps because their bodies sense that they are under …


Pepsi makes good choices, or at least good PR hires

Dudes, what’s up with Pepsi? In the last few weeks the company has released at least three splashy sustainability stories touting its: testing of green …

Speak food to power

The food movement needs to hone its political skills

I haven’t had a chance to weigh in on the issues raised by Andrew Martin’s recent NYT feature on the food movement. Despite the giddiness …

Why it will be very hard to save sharks from extinction

Here’s a video from a restaurant in Hong Kong which illustrates how much trouble the world’s sharks are in. If this woman’s reaction to the …

'Food Fight' breaks out in Seattle

Food-movement doc screens March 28 in Emerald City; Philpott, Alice Waters to attend

So, I’m featured as a talking head in a documentary on the sustainable-food movement called Food Fight. Other folks who appear include Michael Pollan, Alice …

Egg-streme Flavor

Springtime is peak time for naturally raised eggs — and bread puddings and meringues

Before moving on to the more glamorous spring harvests of asparagus, sweet peas, and strawberries, let us first praise the pastured farm egg. That’s right: …

Water out of fish

Why the foodie press needs to do better work on seafood

I recently finished Taras Grescoe’s wonderful, vitally important book Bottomfeeder: How to Eat Ethically in a World of Vanishing Seafood. Everyone who loves seafood and …

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