fresh beats

Stop what you’re doing and watch kids rap about growing food.

This viral video has a vital message.

5 tips (and more) for the vegan-curious

Watch and find out!


The case for imperfect veganism

You can catch more vegan-curious with honey than with vinegar.

Run forest run

We have good news for tropical forests and people who like to breathe.

New commitments from Brazil and Indonesia will be great for forests, critters, and humans.

Dirty thoughts

The muck beneath our feet could be our destruction, or our salvation.

Soil could be our salvation, if we stop treating it like dirt.

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Look, we spend a lot of time reading the internet — here’s the best stuff of the week.

From Facebook to feedlots, we’ve got some stellar reading recs.

Waiter, there’s a human rights violation in my soup

There is child labor in your food.

A report from Amnesty International reveals labor exploitation in the palm oil industry.

I'm cuckoo for coconuts

Are coconut products bad for the environment?

Advice columnist Umbra Fisk takes a hard look at coconut oil, water, milk, and sugar.

let's eat!

Why restrict stuffing yourself like a Butterball to one day?

In these tough times, the Annual Gorging Holiday need not be limited.