McDonald’s announces move to cage-free eggs

The fast food chain's eggs will now come from giant barns without cages, instead of giant barns with cages.

This ex-Black Panther started an urban farm to create jobs for ex-inmates

Elaine Brown brings jobs to former prison inmates and fresh produce to West Oakland.


Farming flicks help teach ag skills where they’re really needed

Information wants to be free, but spreading information to small farmers is expensive. This nonprofit has a plan to change that.

Business & Technology

The Norwegians just made a huge move in palm oil divestment

A big pension fund just divested from a massive conglomerate because a sub-subsidiary was cutting down rainforests.

it's not a bug, it's a feature

When they’re not busy weaving leaves, these ants make great insecticides

Ants can work together to fight pests that prey on crops. But can we learn to work with them?


Can supermarkets supplement failing schools?

A new study looks at how grocery stores in low-income communities can be extensions of the preschool classroom.

Evil corporate henchman attacks Chipotle

An ad from a shady PR guy claims your favorite burritos will make you fat.

From the pork barrel

Republican candidates are obsessed with bacon

The GOP presidential pool has a weird thing for sizzling pork.


States crack down on food waste

We've had a hard time convincing businesses to stop throwing out their extra food.