Whatever happened to the government’s war on raw milk? Just a shift in tactics

When the current phase of a nearly century-long government campaign to convince American consumers to abandon raw milk launched in 2006, heavy-handed intimidation tactics were the order of the day. Kentucky farmer Gary Oakes was questioned so intensively by agents …


Me, on Edible Radio

Sometimes when I’m interviewed on the radio, it’s really awkward. The interviewer doesn’t know or understand the topic and asks a senseless question; or I have five seconds to construct the perfect soundbite and flub it; sometimes both. Other times, …


Fish for Thought

Editor’s Note: Anna wrote this post (and several others) before leaving on maternity leave. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl in December. To eat fish, or not? If you’re pregnant, nursing, or even thinking about becoming pregnant, it’s …


Watch Yes Men stick it to Archer Daniels Midland

Davos Annual Meeting 2010 – ADM CEO Patricia Woertz from World Economic Forum on Vimeo The Yes Men, in their infinite genius, managed to get this on to the World Economic Forum site. Sigh. I heart the Yes Men.

Climate & Energy

EPA capitulates on ethanol, hearts clean coal

Expect to see a lot more of this kind of thing. The press release could have come straight out of the utterly disgraced Bush EPA–and if it had, I can well imagine the howls of outrage it would have provoked, …


What’s for breakfast at school today? 13 teaspoons of sugar

Yesterday I stopped by the cafeteria at my daughter’s school here in the District of Columbia — H.D. Cooke Elementary — and this is what many of the kids were having for breakfast: A package of sugar-glazed cookies called Kellogg’s …


Small is beautiful (and radical)

Biodiversity in action: lettuces grow at Four Season Farm. Photo: Four Season Farm This post was adapted from an address Coleman gave at this year’s Eco-Farm conference in California. ——————— When a friend told me of two of the proposed …


Oscar smiles upon ‘Food, Inc.,’ stiffs ‘Mr. Fox’

Food, Inc., Robert Kenner’s hard-hitting exposé of the food industry, has snagged a Academy Award nomination in the “best documentary” category. (Full list of nominess here; Food Inc. is up against another food politics-themed film, The Cove.) This is a …


Obama’s budget proposal serves up thin gruel for school lunch reform

Twenty of these won’t even get you an apple a day to keep the doctor away. As most readers of the Grist food section know by now, school lunches draw a meager share of the national budget. The federal government …