Business & Technology

Why your organic, fair-trade, cruelty-free chocolate bar won’t save the world

A save-the-forests advocate argues that the certification system gives companies an easy out -- rather than a push to transform the world.


Foster Farms to reduce antibiotics in its chicken, but is it enough?

Big West Coast chicken outfit vows to join other industry heavyweights in cutting back its use of antibiotics.


Your comprehensive guide to making kick-ass asparagus

A simpler way to prepare asparagus, plus a clever dressing to put on all of your salads this season.


A Republican governor just bucked his party to veto an ag-gag law

In a shocking move of moral consistency, a governor says that if we protect whistleblowers in nursing homes, we shouldn't prosecute them on farms.


Ben & Jerry’s fights climate change with gross-sounding new flavor

Everybody's favorite ice cream company is trying to raise awareness about global warming ahead of the upcoming Paris climate talks.


Soda taxes bubbling up all over

Doctors support the idea of taxing sugary beverages, and the state budget could use the money, too.

Climate & Energy

Why are federal dollars financing this thirsty crop in Arizona?

The federal government is propping up cotton farming during the West's water crisis.


EPA’s new rules on river pollution outrage the usual suspects

The agency reasserts its authority to regulate rivers in the wake of court decisions that reined in its powers. This rankles some politicians.

Tears of soy

Amy’s Kitchen moves to fast food

Will Americans go for vegan, gluten-free fast food?