Nugget of Truth

McDonald’s kept its promise to use fewer antibiotics

Remember when McDonald's pledged to cut down on antibiotics in chicken? That’s happening now — and it’s a big deal.

bird brains

Climate change turns birds into cannibals

As food becomes scarce, gulls in Washington state are turning to their own kind.

Grapes of wrath

Why farmworkers are dying from extreme heat

Three women died while picking grapes in California last week.

the (local, organic) meat of the matter

Should colleges treat their students to fine dining or financial aid?

Malcolm Gladwell savaged Bowdoin for its lobster bakes. Can a college really have it all?


GMO labels are now the law of the land

President Obama signs bill requiring companies to label GMO foods.


Can a city really go vegetarian?

It's not the worst idea ever.

Flesh and blood

Why eat meat when you can eat a veggie burger that bleeds?

The plant-based burger is about to hop onto the menu at one of David Chang's NYC restaurants.

Hard row

Democrats say they want to support farmers, but what the heck does that mean?

Everyone wants to preserve family farms, but it's easier said than done.

Cold Comfort

How air-conditioning made America — and how it could break us all

AC may feel good but it comes with a host of problems.