Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels

EIA predicts a grim future for carbon emissions

The Energy Information Administration predicts a 40 percent rise in global carbon dioxide emissions over the next 20-plus years.

Renewable Energy

The military's historic embrace of smart energy

The U.S. military's embrace of energy efficiency and renewable energy is going to be one of the great stories of the coming decade.

Climate & Energy

Cool vintage footage of Canada's tar sands

1942 wasn't so different from the present — wars were raging, the U.S. military was hugely dependent on oil, and Canada had some, in the form of tar sands. Back then the only problem was that conventional oil was still …

Business & Technology

Wall Street Journal embraces peak oil denialism

  Daniel Yergin is to peak oil and limits to growth what Richard Lindzen, Anthony Watts, Christopher Monckton, the Heartland Institute and Exxon Mobil are to climate change. That is, Yergin's entire reason for being in the public eye is …


Stopping bad things and starting good ones

On Moving Planet Day, Sept. 24, people around the world will get on bikes, skateboards, and their own two feet to put fossil fuels in the rearview mirror.


Obama proposes cutting oil and gas subsidies to fund jobs plan

The idea may see fierce debate in Congress -- but a majority of Americans support repealing tax breaks for fossil-fuel companies.

Climate & Energy

Shocker: BP oil spill was BP's fault

A federal report, based on an investigation by the Coast Guard and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Regulation and Enforcement, has officially placed the blame for the BP oil spill at the feet of -- who knew? -- BP.

Climate & Energy

Mitt Romney's energy policy crafted by coal-funded shill

It should surprise no one that Mitt Romney's pro-coal, anti-carbon regulations energy plan was crafted by a coal zombie, but here are the deets anyway: Jim Talent, a key Romney advisor, leads a lobbying firm that took $125,000 from Peabody …

Climate & Energy

Ad claims tar-sands oil will save women

A group called Ethical Oil, the brainchild of neocon Alykhan Velshi, is running an ad touting Keystone XL as the savior of women in Saudi Arabia. Because suddenly conservatives care about women's rights.