Fossil Fuels

dollar bill dripping with oil

The new fossil-fuel glut: Less glutty than you think

Michael Liebreich, head of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, talks with David Roberts about whether this supposed "oil glut" deserves the hype.

Mickey Mouse pushes fossil fuels in this 1985 comic book

Matt Novak of Paleofuture has been posting photos of a 1985 Disney comic touting the benefits of oil pipelines and coal. What’s really striking is how much it genuinely sounds like Republican talking points. I guess Goofy is the American …

Oh, great: OPEC considers cutting production to boost oil prices

We can certainly all agree that a fossil fuel-based economy run by a cartel is the best way to do things, right?

Big mystery: U.S. oil production hits 14-year high, gas prices not at 14-year low

We're as puzzled as you are. It's almost like the argument that drilling more will lower gas prices is totally wrong.

Protests temporarily delay opening Alabama forests to drilling

Key word there: temporarily.

Conspiracy of the day: American nonprofits oppose Canadian tar sands

Why on Earth would Americans care about environmental harm occurring in Canada? Obviously because they're up to something.

North Dakota’s fossil fuel boom: Messy

A report from ProPublica reveals that the state's booming economy has resulted in tens of thousands of gallons of spilled oil and wastewater.

Scott Walker "Obey" Sign

The dirt on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s environmental record

Wisconsin voters are at the polls in a referendum on Gov. Walker. Here's what green voters need to know about his track record -- and future plans.

Energy companies, seeing a greener future, are losing their faith in coal

Utility executives may finally be realizing that coal's days are numbered, a new survey suggests. Already!