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Sitting in traffic triggers more heart attacks than eating, alcohol, cocaine, and sex

Running your car in an enclosed garage is one way to kill yourself — so why do it outside?Photo: Simone RamellaSomeday our descendants will get around solely by hover-monorail and electric car, and it will blow their cybernetically-enhanced minds that there ever lived a race backward enough to huff automobile exhaust for an hour a day during its collective commute. Until then, we have statistics like these, derived from a meta-study that drew data from 36 other papers: Air pollution from auto exhaust triggers a greater proportion of all heart attacks (7.4 percent) than physical exertion (6.2 percent), drinking alcohol …

The road to success

Do you live in one of the nation’s ‘smartest regions for transportation’?

You might not see much similarity between More people walk to work in Boston than in any other city in the country.Photo: Steve MinorYolo County, Calif., with its open farmland and small cities, and the densely packed streets of New York City. But both are on the Natural Resource Defense Council’s list of “America’s Smartest Regions for Transportation.” The list is a result of a study done by the NRDC’s Smarter Cities Project, in collaboration with the Center for Neighborhood Technology: The study… compares and profiles U.S. cities based on public transit availability and use; household automobile ownership and use; …

The Colonel's Secret Recipe

It’s like Gadhafi is telling us to get off oil or something

Self-congratulatory poster of Gadhafi in Green Square in Tripoli, LibyaPhoto: QuigiboMoammar Gadhafi is a crazy dictator who is murdering his populace and needs to get a cruise missile shat down his neck, but what we all really want to know is: how are the actions of this homicidal crazypants going to affect our summer vacation? Those of you heading to the Jersey Shore for copulation and spray-tan are going to have fewer dollars to drop on wine coolers, for one. A combination of economic and political factors could see gas reach its highest level, ever — higher even than the …

I drink your milkshake

China to blow the doors off Obama’s namby-pamby electric car program

China’s BYD e6 all-electric sedan.Photo: BYD HAHAHAHAHA! – China China just announced plans to build 1 million electric cars per year. Let’s put that in perspective: In Obama’s State of the Union Address, he said the U.S. should shoot for 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2015, total. Here’s the really crazy part of this equation: a panel of U.S. auto industry experts thinks Obama’s plan is “too ambitious,” and that automakers are unlikely to meet that goal because of “uncertain consumer demand.” (As Todd Woody reported for Grist, the U.S. Department of Energy disagrees, arguing that 1 …

Offer me alternatives and I decline

Why you don’t want gas to get cheaper

Image: Grist Americans would like to pay less at the pump. But what would that take? How about another economic crash — or perhaps you’d prefer an ecological one. However the next century shakes out, one thing’s for sure: the ever-growing gap between world oil supplies and demand is making itself felt, and the longer it takes us to break our addiction, the more painful the coming decades will be. The latest reminder: a State Department cable released by Wikileaks which quotes the former second in command of Saudi Arabia’s national oil company asserting that his country cannot save us …

Accelerating change

Report: U.S. in fast lane to put 1 million electric cars on the road by 2015

More like this are on the way.Photo: Dave Pinter When President Obama in his State of the Union address called for 1 million electric cars to be on the road by 2015, skeptics scoffed. But in a report [PDF] released Tuesday, the Department of Energy basically said no worries. We’ve already arrived at our destination. That optimism comes from automakers’ existing projections of how many electric cars they expect to produce over the next five years. “The production capacity of EV models announced to enter the U.S. market through 2015 should be sufficient to achieve the goal of one million …

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