Green Living Tips

Ask Umbra at the tar-sands protests and on the radio

Ask Umbra joins the tar-sands protests and gets interviewed by a radio program called Mrs. Green's World.

Teaching kids to love nature and buy less stuff

Kids are getting the sort of education that guarantees they'll soon be fighting each other, Hunger Games-style, for Earth's dwindling resources. The solution is to cram everyone in America into Berkeley, California, say the authors of the new book The …

Letter from prison: Tim DeChristopher speaks

From a prison in Utah, climate activist Tim DeChristopher speaks out with a handwritten letter to Grist extolling the power of words.

Liner notes: Ask Umbra on ditching garbage bags

What if making more waste just isn't your bag? Ask Umbra gets trashed to find out.

Critical List: Hurricane Irene headed for East Coast; EPA totally creates jobs

East Coasters may not know what do in an earthquake, but a hurricane's coming, too. That, we know about. The Obama administration is looking into "leasing" nuclear fuel from other countries, which would let American plants use the uranium, then return it for …

Ask Umbra on whether balloons are eco-friendly

Is there such a thing as a balloon that doesn't blow? Ask Umbra bursts a few bubbles.

Living large — and healthy — on the bike

Bicycle transportation, despite its importance to anti-obesity campaigns, isn't necessarily a recipe for weight loss. It is, however, exactly what public health advocates should be promoting instead: An excellent way to get and stay healthy, no matter what your body …

faucet and glass

Meet the new water toxins, same as the old water toxins

Assuming it doesn't get cockblocked by industry or shut down by Michele Bachmann, the EPA is going to start regulating some gross stuff that hangs out in your water -- not because these are new toxins, but because they're finally …

Is your cheese killing the planet?

Cheese can take a heavy toll on the climate, according to a report from the Environmental Working Group. Get hints for eco-friendly cheese consumption.