Industrial Agriculture


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Good weed

Farmers, the most likely cause of the monarch butterfly’s travails, may now be their salvation.

Farmers are coming up with creative ways to help butterflies bounce back.

GMO sugar beets get the green light

Last week, the USDA fully deregulated herbicide resistant sugar beets. And while the shift isn't a surprise to most advocates, it does hint at larger problems within the system.

Farm Bill 2012

The lesser of two evils: Why food advocates are pushing for a farm bill they don’t love

Sustainable food advocates don't like the farm bills drafted by the House or the Senate, but they're pushing Congress to pass a final bill before the current one runs out Sept. 30 anyway.

Sudden desert: Midwest drought is bad news for farmers and eaters

The "most productive corn crop in years" is drying up and shrinking fast. Is our dependence on monocrops heightening the impact of this year's drought?

Parched Midwest could mean smaller Gulf dead zone

The dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico could be unusually small this year -- not because of better agricultural practices, but because of drought.

‘Monsanto Protection Act’ would keep GMO crops in the ground during legal battles

One sneaky provision on this year's agriculture appropriations docket would practically give biotech companies immunity from USDA regulation. Needless to say, activists are up in arms.

After the Rio Earth Summit: Will agriculture really get any greener?

Global food production may have inched toward becoming more sustainable at last week's Earth Summit. Or not. We probably won't know either way until the next Summit.

No, genetically modified grass isn’t killing cows with cyanide

A more likely (if unproven) culprit: the drought in Texas.