Industrial Agriculture

Farm Bill 2012

Farm Bill 2012: ‘It’s a mess, but it’s our mess’

Daniel Imhoff, the man who literally wrote the book on food policy, talks about democracy, debate, and why we should feel thankful for the farm bill, even in depressing years like this one.

Industrial Agriculture

More evidence links pesticides to honeybee losses

The science is stacking up. Three studies in the last three weeks have shown that exposure to a dangerous class of pesticides disorients and kills bees, reduces their hive sizes, and results in far fewer queens.

Climate Change

New science reveals agriculture’s true climate impact

Scientists can finally prove that overuse of fertilizer in industrial farming is a major cause of climate change. Whether or not this will make it easier to hold Big Ag accountable is yet to be seen.


FDA to GMO labeling campaign: What million signatures?

Last week, the Just Label It campaign says they turned in 1 million signatures asking the FDA to label genetically engineered foods. The agency says it received a little under 400. What's going on here?


Incredible NASA images of Saudi Arabia’s careless use of water

NASA released satellite images showing that the Saudis are irrigating the desert in order to grow food -- with fossil water that accumulated during the last Ice Age and will be gone completely in 50 years.


Beekeepers to EPA: We’re running out of time

Over a million people have asked the EPA to remove the pesticide linked with honey bee die-offs from the market. Will the agency listen in time?

Sustainable Farming

Farmers to use spider venom to protect crops

Farmers and bugs typically have a hate-hate relationship. Insects eat up valuable wheat, barley, and soybeans, and farmers slay them dead using an arsenal of chemical weapons (a.k.a. pesticides). But no longer. Australian growers may soon form an alliance with …

Industrial Agriculture

Strawberry lovers rejoice: Methyl iodide off the market for now

After a series of recent blows within the California agriculture community, the makers of this controversial pesticide say the U.S. market isn't "economically viable."


Pig ears and donkey butts: 5 foods that could save the world

The host of the Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods wants you to eat some pretty strange dishes in the name of saving the environment.