On Independence Day, towns take back their streets from cars

For one day each year, humanity descends on an otherwise inhumane landscape, pedestrians boldly take back the public realm, and my hometown feels like a community again.

Is Los Angeles Metro throwing bus riders under the bus?

What does the elimination of a bus line serving mostly Latino domestic workers say about the Los Angeles transit system?

Are energy subsidies really in danger?

Has energy-subsidy reform become more likely in recent days and weeks? That would be nice, but don't hold your breath.

What we can learn from drought-proof El Paso

It hasn't rained in El Paso in 119 days, and its water manager says it doesn't much matter if it doesn't rain next year, either. "We're basically drought-proof," he told the Guardian.

Crazy Europeans think people are more important than cars

All across Europe, urban policy is shifting to favor humans over automobiles. What are they thinking? The New York Times takes a look.

Bike lanes create jobs

The title of this post should really be "Bike lanes create jobs, duhhhhhhhhhh." A new study from the University of Massachusetts is only the latest evidence that bike infrastructure projects create more jobs than road infrastructure -- but the message …

New solar cells can be printed right onto buildings

The world's largest dye-sensitized solar cell has just made an appearance. These cells have a couple of major advantages over traditional solar cells: one, they're incredibly cheap, and two, they can be printed right onto the materials used to make …

The American suburbs are a giant Ponzi scheme

Our current pattern of autocentric development does not create real wealth. It creates the illusion of wealth. Today we are in the process of seeing that illusion destroyed, and with it the prosperity we have come to take for granted.

In London, bike commuters now the majority in some places

Cyclists make up more than 50 percent of the traffic on some busy London commuter routes. But as in New York, two-wheeled travelers still have an image problem to overcome.