Visualize a shorter commute — or a better job

Seeing how our cities facilitate the commute to work reveals a lot about the benefit of investing in infrastructure.

Colorado Springs probably didn’t need to worry about demand for wind power

The city's small initial contract for wind power is quickly snatched up by consumers.

NYC’s first day of summer: White hot, hungry for power

Temperatures on the east coast are spiking – and so is electricity usage. Take a sneak peek at the future.

EPA to consider whether Alabama landfill violates community’s civil rights

The complaint, filed by residents of a predominantly African-American community, argues that the landfill is a discriminatory violation of the Civil Rights Act.

These elderly fatality statistics may spoil your affection for big-box stores

Obviously, everyone loves a nice strip mall. The parking lot, the low-slung, cheap-looking buildings, the pedestrian walkways that no drivers pay attention to. And big-box stores! The lots! The long walks down busy parking lanes! The Brutalism-meets-Brady-Bunch aesthetic! What’s not …

2,500-mph train could get you from New York to London in an hour

Nature abhors a vacuum, but transit nerds and people eager to see a science fiction future LOVE IT. That’s because a vacuum is the secret ingredient for this (theoretical, but plausible) superfast train, which could speed under the ocean to …

Why the rumors about the iPhone ditching walking, public transit are wrong

We got our hands on a developer version of the new iPhone operating system. What we found may be even better than you would expect.

Getting used to being in charge of the planet

Decisions made by people alive today will determine the fate of life on Earth for centuries to come. It's time to take responsibility for our planet.


California celebrities are wasting electricity moving water around

But then, so is everyone else in the state. The utilities commission broke down electricity use; we made jokes about it.