Boehner’s last stand: House leader wants to kill transit funding

Republican leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives announced plans to eviscerate funding for buses, trains, and other mass transit. This time, they may have gone too far.

Austin gets a super swank zero-energy suburb

How do you build a (nearly) net-zero-energy suburb in 2008, at the nadir of the economic crash, when no bank in the country is convinced you’ll be able to sell your more energy-efficient but pricier homes?

A bill of goods: With their latest transportation bill, GOP sides with the suburbs

House Republicans rolled out a proposal for a new transportation bill on Tuesday, and if you believe what they say, the future looks a whole lot like the past. But bike boosters, pedestrian advocates, and environmentalists won’t go backwards without …

Maine to create car-free town with ‘really narrow streets’

Residents of the yet-to-be-built town of Piscataquis Village, Maine will keep cars from overrunning their town by making their streets too narrow to shove any but the cutest vehicles down them, reports Market Urbanism.

Virtuous cycle: 10 lessons from the world’s great biking cities

A six-month tour of the best cycling cities on the planet turns up some handy tips for U.S. bergs. Among them: Build bike infrastructure and they will come riding -- and if they ride, they’ll push for more bike infrastructure.

New York City could open up 1,200 acres of rooftops for farming

Given how valuable space is in New York City, the city's rooftops are strangely empty. But a proposal from the city's planning department could change that by making 1,200 acres of commercial rooftops available for urban farmers to open greenhouses …

This old house: Why fixing up old homes is greener than building new ones

A new study finds that retrofitting old buildings is almost always more eco-friendly than building new ones, and provides the most immediate bang for the buck in the fight against climate change. The implication: Save old cities and we might …

Almost all U.S. car use is within an electric car’s range

Because it takes longer to fill up an electric vehicle than to fill a gas tank, and because EV infrastructure is still limited, the most common criticism of EVs goes something like “OMG RANGE ANXIETY.” And, sure, no one wants …

Survey: The American dream home is energy-efficient

It’s not news that utilities can be budget-killers, and apparently people are getting wise to the fact that energy-efficiency means lower utility bills. A recent Yahoo survey found that energy efficiency is the one feature everyone can agree on when …