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Jobs at Grist

Assistant Art Director

Grist is seeking an Assistant Art Director who will provide daily creative support for our award-winning green-news website and related organizational projects. You will work directly with Grist’s editorial staff, and will be responsible for various media including illustrations for articles, stand-alone images, and other projects. You must have a strong illustration portfolio, a well-developed sense of humor, and a willingness to have fun, play, and get creative — all with an eye to meeting deadlines. Deadlines. Always deadlines.


You will be in charge of all images and other media that accompany Grist articles:

  • Must be able to execute illustrations for articles in collaboration with editors and writers;
  • Must have enthusiasm for all forms of editorial illustration — cartoons, illustrations, infographics, photos, etc. Should be familiar with latest internet image language, from hot styles to meme-y photohacks;
  • Will develop — or even arrive with — a growing database of artists you can call on to provide illustration or other support when necessary;
  • Will be open to design direction and be able to adapt to Grist’s evolving house style, and
  • Will also have specific, growing design vision and ideas to implement and experiment with, especially in regard to special editorial projects and tools for storytelling (infographics, motion graphics, slideshows, timelines, videos, etc)

You will also illustrate materials for marketing and development projects as requested by those departments, including illustrations for campaigns, T-shirts, annual reports, printed cards, etc. Consider it a fun 10% of the job, and as most of these deadlines are not same day, you will often get to collaborate with other illustrators, depending on the project, and some truly creative Gristers!


This is a full-time role based in our Seattle office. The ideal candidate will have a strong illustration portfolio, and either an employment history that is grounded in editorial work or a client roster that leans to online and print publications (a little of both wouldn’t hurt). Experience working with freelance artists is a plus.  We are also open to candidates with exceptional portfolios who are just getting started in their careers.

Other important qualifications are:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Demonstrated poise, tact, diplomacy, and the ability to interact with individuals at all levels of the organization.
  • Strong project-management skills
  • Ability to multitask, manage  deadlines and thrive under pressure.

To apply, please email and include:

  • A cover letter telling us why you’d like to work for Grist (creativity is encouraged)
  • A resume, pasted into the body of your email (please do not attach)
  • A url to your online portfolio
  • No more than one attached sample of your work at a reasonable size
  • Two references

No phone calls or follow-up emails, please. Grist is an equal-opportunity employer.

About Grist

Grist is an independent nonprofit media organization that shapes the country’s environmental conversations, making green second nature for our monthly audience of 2 million and growing. We reach the next generation by cutting through the noise to connect big issues like climate change to daily life, and by spotlighting the people and ideas leading us to a more sustainable future. (Also by posting videos of baby animals.) Founded in 1999, Grist has been featured by media including The New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC’s Today show, and Time, and has won many prestigious awards for its pioneering media work.

Business Development Internship

Are you interested in a career in online advertising or media? Do environmental issues and sustainability fire you up? Do you update Facebook before you eat your Frosted Flakes? Grist needs an analytical, tech-savvy, energetic and web-obsessed intern, so if you said yes to all those questions, you oughta keep reading!

Grist is the nation’s leading green news site, and we have ambitious goals for increasing our traffic and advertising sales in 2014 and beyond. To help us get there, we are seeking an individual who wants to build strong online advertising and media sponsorship skills in a dynamic and fun environment. This internship will include hands-on, learning opportunities as a member of a small team and requires attention to detail, analytical skills, and top-notch communication and interpersonal skills. And a sense of humor doesn’t hurt!

Internship Description & Responsibilities

The primary purpose of this role is to learn about and support the Business Development and Earned Income operations at Grist. As an Intern, you will:

  •  Oversee scheduling and implementation of online advertising campaigns
  • Use advertising serving system to traffic and test creative and troubleshoot any delivery issues
  • Monitor daily advertising campaign delivery and make necessary adjustments to ensure full delivery
  • Conduct analysis of growth trends and earned income opportunities
  • Create a variety of reports for the Business Development team and clients, including campaign performance, ad pacing information, and analysis
  • Develop and execute lead generation and competitive analysis on an on-going basis
  • Assist with other projects and cross-functional initiatives, as needed

As time and qualifications allow, the internship will also provide opportunities to learn about and participate in other program and administrative areas of the organization.


  • 3+ years college, a focus on environmental issues, marketing communications, advertising, or PR a plus
  • Exceptional communication and creative problem-solving skills.
  • An interest in (and preferably experience with) online media, social networking tools, and the environment.
  • The ability to work independently and in cross-functional teams, and to juggle many different responsibilities.
  • Expertise in MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Google Analytics and/or other analytical tools.
  • Experience managing projects and delivering on a deadline

Depending on the candidate, this internship can be structured as part-time or full-time for a 6-12 month term and includes a semi-monthly stipend. Grist offers a delightful learning environment and the opportunity to be part of a unique online magazine with a mission.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to with “Business Development Intern” in the subject line. We are looking for a thoughtful, personalized cover letter that demonstrates your qualifications and writing style. No phone calls, please. Grist is an equal-opportunity employer.

About Grist

A pioneer in the nonprofit news space, Grist currently reaches a monthly audience of 2,000,000. We plan to dramatically increase our reach and influence over the next several years. That’s why we need you: a team-oriented wizard who spurs individuals and groups to new creative heights. You will oversee our whole show — encompassing editorial, technology, design, business development, fundraising, finance, and administration teams — while expanding our audience, deepening engagement, and identifying new revenue sources. You have substantive leadership experience in a publishing or technology company where digital media is a significant component of daily operations and business strategy; the ability to bring diverse teams together and foster a culture of collaboration; and a keen sense of humor never hurt!

WordPress Web Developer

Grist is looking for a front-end web developer with strong experience with WordPress plugin and theme development. If you have experience working in the media, aim for excellence, see failure as a learning opportunity, and believe it’s possible to crack a joke and change the world at the same time, this could be the job for you.

Grist is a fast-growing organization that combines the energy, creativity, and initiative of a young internet company with the spirit of a nonprofit. Yeah, we said nonprofit; that means no free smoothies and foosball every time you turn around, but it also means walking into work with the feeling that what you do actually matters. That’s a good feeling, trust us. (And we’re not above the occasional Fruit Ninja tournament.)

Here’s a short list of some of the opportunities this job offers:

  • The challenge to develop for a rapidly growing mobile audience.
  • The chance to be creative and participate in product design.
  • Work with journalists on stories to provide interactive content build with new Web technologies.
  • The opportunity to work in WordPress in an enterprise environment.

You’ll work in close collaboration with designers and developers on a new Macbook Air in a daily scrum to develop our custom WordPress theme ( based on Zurb-Foundation 5) with a focus on creating a great reading experience. You’re passionate about UX and are conversant about modern Web design. You’re experienced with responsive design techniques and have a deep appreciation of the challenges in designing for mobile audiences. You’re interested in taking our site to the next level by employing backbone.js and developing new features for both our readers and authors. You’ll help us tailor our site for a majority mobile audience and will help us optimize for the reading experience though A/B testing and code performance.

This is a unique opportunity to be part of a fast-growing organization that combines the energy, creativity, and initiative of a young internet company with the spirit of a nonprofit. This is a full-time salaried position with good benefits. Our team is located in downtown Seattle, and we prefer local candidates who can work with us in person.

Apply here


User-Analytics Engineer

Grist is looking for a web developer with strong passion for improving site performance and business processes through user analytics and split-testing. If you have media experience, aim for excellence, see failure as a learning opportunity, and believe it’s possible to crack a joke and change the world at the same time, this could be the job for you.

Grist is a fast-growing organization that combines the energy, creativity, and initiative of a young internet company with the spirit of a nonprofit. Yeah, we said nonprofit; that means no free smoothies and foosball every time you turn around, but it also means walking into work with the feeling that what you do actually matters. That’s a good feeling, trust us. (And we’re not above the occasional Fruit Ninja tournament.)

You’ll work closely with designers and web developers in a daily scrum to optimize our site and other products.You’re passionate about UI that deliver results. You know how to devise meaningful A/B tests and know how to measure user behavior. Most importantly you know how to make sense out of the mass of data you’ll collect. You have an instinct for how to distinguish actionable metrics from the mere vanity measures.

Sometimes you’ll break up your continual analysis of traffic and business optimization work to be creative and build something new based on your research or as a way to test a hunch. It could be a new way to increase email signups or a friction-free way to accept donations. You’re a Web developer with a passion for meeting business goals, or an business analyst with great coding chops. You know your away around the Google Analytics api – and many other tracking software apis too.

You’ll also give guidance to other teams such as fundraising and editorial to help them collect and make sense of data, and to help them improve their products and efforts. For example you’ll help plan and implement A/B testing of email newsletters for the editorial and fundraising teams with the aim of increasing traffic to the site and increasing reader donations respectively. You’ll work with the management team to define, track, and help champion the core metrics of the organization.

Essentially, you are familiar with setting up goal funnels in Google Analytics and managing cohorts in Kissmetrics. You know how to optimize these tools and can train others in their use. You’ve got good basic understanding of statistics and can communicate the concepts to non-experts to help them understand the data they work with.

You’ll get to work with a smart, small group of fun people who are interested in creating a site optimized for our readers. This is a great opportunity to help us take our mission to the next level. We’ve grown our audience to 2+ million a month, and with your help we know we can grow larger.

Skills & Requirements

  • Experience with Google Analytics API and Kissmetrics API.Experiences with other tracking software and services.
  • Keen statistical analysis skills, and good skill at communicating with non-experts.
  • Experience building sites with HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Experience with Query or backbone.js preferred.
  • Competence with WordPress theme and plugin development preferred.
  • High interest in A/B testing, increasing conversions, Web analytics.
  • Experience in audience growth through site optimization.
  • Experience working with both editorial and marketing teams at publishing, media or content sites.
  • Experience in WordPress, Zurb Foundation a plus.

Apply here

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