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After a failed police crackdown, North Dakota now plans to attack activists with fines.

But will North Dakota officials fine the "human shields" traveling to Standing Rock this weekend?


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers tells Standing Rock water protectors to move on.

Demonstrators were told last week to be out by the 5th of December.

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Here’s what Standing Rock looked like on Thanksgiving.

Watch on-the-scene footage of water protectors.

support groups

Environmental organizations see an outpouring of support post-election

"Apparently the sixth stage of grief is activism.”


So now what? Leaders from the Grist 50 on hope and progress in the Trump era

Business leaders, activists, and more talk next steps.

Greening faith

For Muslim environmentalists, the fight just got a lot harder

Looking ahead to four years of Trump, Muslims double down to fight climate change and Islamophobia.

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An injured Standing Rock activist could lose an arm, but her resolve remains strong

Sophia Wilansky could undergo as many as 20 surgeries as doctors try to repair her injuries.


Bernie Sanders tells us how to fight for the climate in the Trump era.

"Our job is to mobilize and educate and to fight back at every instance."


Environmental leaders on hope and progress in the age of Trump

Bernie Sanders, Annie Leonard, and more on where we go from here.