you can't drink oil

Another Native-led pipeline battle bubbles up in New Jersey.

This fight is also over a critical Native water source — but it’s a little more complicated than Dakota Access.

What do we want?

Two of the year’s biggest stories were about vulnerable people demanding safe drinking water.

Get used to it: Environmental justice stories are here to stay.


It’s time for states to lead on climate change — and on justice, too

Playing defense is not enough. We are going to lose ground at the federal level, but we must make that up in the states.

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The end of federal environmental justice as we know it

As the Trump team takes office, the movement will have to adapt.


Can capitalism, conservation, and cosmopolitanism coexist? Here’s what I learned.

Evidence suggests that there is not just a moral, but a practical imperative to fight poverty.

come on shailene

A celebrity guide to supporting environmental activists without stealing the spotlight

The #NoDAPL movement provides lessons for how to be a good ally -- and some missteps to avoid.

Dakota Access

Watch these veterans explain why they went to Standing Rock

“I didn’t go to war three times to see this happen to my own people on my own soil."


Frontline communities will lead the fight for environmental and climate justice under Trump

If we want to succeed, it's more important than ever to invest in the leadership of people of color and indigenous communities.

The poverty solution: Put people first

How a growing timber business revived a forest

A tiny town in Ecuador was in rough shape until residents and environmentalists came up with a successful business plan.