Ice, ice bergy

Gigantic icebergs have come to Canada, and the internet is losing its mind.

"Iceberg Alley" is open for tourists.

Toxic Tour

Protestors harangued EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt as he visited East Chicago.

In the past year, lead contamination forced nearly 1,000 people from their homes.

Meet the fixer: This farmer gives vets a chance to grow.

Veterans often have limited job options. Mike Lewis helps returning vets get back to the land.

Meet the fixers: These teens sued for environmental justice.

Oil and gas drilling in cities puts people of color at risk. L.A. youth groups sued their city to clean up its act.

In California, families fear pesticide poisoning after EPA reverses ban

“I’m being poisoned and I can’t do anything about it.”

Meet the fixer: This lawyer stands with indigenous activists.

Police have arrested more than 700 Dakota Access demonstrators. Tara Houska stands with anti-pipeline activists.

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Indigenous peoples can manage their forests better than anyone else

Conservation doesn’t have to undermine social justice.

wake-up call

A black community in Oakland says pollution is violating its civil rights.

Life expectancy near the Port of Oakland is nine years shorter than in more affluent pockets of the city.

fair share

The technology that brought us Airbnb and Uber can do so much more

Urban policy professor Julian Agyeman says we need to rethink the idea of the "smart city."