close to home

Trump wants to eliminate programs that prevent lead poisoning.

That would have an outsized impact on children, especially in communities of color and low-income communities.

Grist 50: Al Gore's pick

Meet the fixer: This civil rights activist takes on the South’s sewage problem.

Sewage is a problem that few will touch. Catherine Flowers brings civil rights to the fight for environmental justice.

Northern Light

A coal company just abandoned plans to ruin a river and a bunch of people’s lives in Alaska.

What would have been the state's largest strip mine is a no-go.

locally sourced

Small California towns are facing off against oil companies — and winning

Local activists are succeeding where the national movement has failed.

Revenue Stream

Native Americans caught salmon here for millennia. Now the world is hooked.

On the Northwest's Columbia River, tribes fish for a new prosperity.

fracking screwed

‘Gasland’ families are still fighting the company that leaked methane into their water.

A northeastern Pennsylvania town's residents have been embroiled with Cabot Oil & Gas since 2008.

Trading Death

Global trade causes more than 20 percent of air-pollution deaths.

More than 750,000 people die each year due to the manufacturing of goods destined for another part of the world.

How to talk climate with your friend who’s a total hippie cliche

This episode features Brad the Polar Bear Environmentalist, who only cares about things if they’re white, fluffy, and look great on a poster.

The justice league

Here’s how environmental justice leaders are pushing forward in the Trump era

We gathered an impressive cadre of activists from across the country to talk about their challenges and strategies.