Grist List


Please do not shoot the world’s oldest wild bear

So 39 is now considered "old, old, old." Great. JUST GREAT.

Biodegradable bamboo car is like driving a lawn chair

It's lightweight, electric-powered, biodegradable, handcrafted, and probably makes you look like a bozo.

Climate & Energy

Climate change threatening the David Hasselhoff crab

Um, we CANNOT let global warming kill this crab named after David Hasselhoff's hairy chest.


One day your car battery could be made of wood

Scientists at the University of Maryland just tested a battery made of sodium, tin, and microscopic wood fibers from yellow pine trees.


A red panda has gone missing from the National Zoo

A red panda named Rusty went missing at 6 last night. He's probably just in a tree somewhere and not running with a tough raccoon gang, but who knows.


Taco Bell is making its meat healthier by refusing to call it “meat”

But if the word “meat” makes things sound unhealthy, what about the words “Taco Bell”?


Watch as these fourth graders flip the switch to turn their classroom solar

This project was so good that the U.S. government took notice and made this great video.


Minnesota mother-son crime team steals and sells 3,200 gopher feet

Sure, times are tough and Minnesota is overrun with gophers. But REALLY?

Climate & Energy

Preschoolers write adorable letter to save the trees

"Animals live in trees, they might get mad!" Just TRY to be cynical after reading this.