Grist List


Awesome old cookbook shows that the 1904 raw food movement was really into meat and cream

Eugene and Mollie Griswold Christian make a lot of the same arguments for healthy living and raw food that you hear today. Only they make them in turn-of-the-century style.

Climate & Energy

Could hairy buildings be the future of green architecture?

Well, probably not any time soon. But these theoretical Cousin Itt skyscrapers, covered in energy-collecting hairs, still look sweet as hell.


Idiots try to eat dinner on iceberg, get blown out to sea

Four American tourists were rescued after trying to have a picnic on an iceberg.


We love this bike-riding hipster cat

MJ cruises around town on her bike-courier owner's shoulder.


McDonald’s Mega Potato is three-quarters of a pound of fries, the highest-calorie item on the menu

As Zimmerman's law of fast food states, gross food can only get grosser and weirder.


This secret, invite-only bar was built inside a NYC rooftop water tower

N.D. Austin, the organizer, describes this project as "transgressive placemaking."

Business & Technology

This electric car runs on tweets

This 1967 Karmann Ghia, converted to electric by Kansas City high schoolers, will turn Twitter mentions and Facebook likes into wattage to complete a 1,000-mile trip.

Business & Technology

Croatia is training honeybees to locate landmines

They don't call it a "hive mind" for nothing.

Business & Technology

This solar panel printer can make 33 feet of solar cells per minute

The type of solar cell isn't the most efficient, but it lends itself to uses where you need a little flexibility.

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