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Climate & Energy

Staggering time-lapse footage of the Oklahoma tornado

Watch Monday's deadly tornado go from a neat, eerie-looking funnel to a giant mess of wind and destruction.


Everyone relax, Sarah Palin has proven there’s no such thing as climate change

You know it's science because she used the Latin word for "ass."


Nutella demands immediate cancellation of World Nutella Day

Oh Nutella, why won't you let us love you?

Climate & Energy

This awesome mobile lab travels the country measuring methane air pollution

It has, for instance, "a mast that rises up five stories, like a periscope."

World’s worst driver hits biker and brags about it on Twitter

If you're a biker, sometimes it feels like drivers are out to get you. Sometimes they are.

Best switcheroo ever: Scientists could extract gold with cornstarch instead of cyanide

Any time you can switch out cornstarch for cyanide in an industrial process, you're doing well.


California almost got an amazing bicycle superhighway 116 years ago

It's too bad this beautiful bike path from the olden days never got a chance to exist.


Macklemore credits Seattle’s park system with launching his rap career

Want more rappers? Make more parks.

Business & Technology

Harvard researchers, on road to useful discoveries, instead make tiny chemical flowers

Scientists at Harvard can make teeny tiny flowers out of chemicals. No, they can't do the flowers for your wedding. Unless everyone you know is invisible to the naked eye, too.

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