Grist List


“Get Lucky” condoms to match your summer sex jam

Daft Punk wasn't talking about winning the lottery. Everybody take some rubbers -- we don't want another 7 million of you.


Meet the roll cloud: The cloud that looks like a joint

It hangs out with thunderstorm gust fronts and only occasionally deigns to show up.


“Solid Rain” keeps plants hydrated even in droughts

Usually, we try to steer clear of mysterious powder imported from Mexico, but "Solid Rain" has us rethinking that maxim.


Virtual reality experiment shows meat-eaters what it’s like to be a cow

Afterwards, the participants recorded what they ate for a week.

Climate & Energy

Send this crazy graph to the climate deniers you know

Did you know that 2000 to 2010 was the hottest decade since 1850? YEAH.


Eight-foot-tall “corpse flower” looks like a dick and smells like death

It tooootally looks like a schlong. I’m not just saying that because I’m 14 inside, either.


This is basically the teeniest baby deer ever

She's a southern pudú, the world's smallest deer, and she weighed only a pound at birth!

Invention of the decade saves water AND gets dudes to wash their hands

Presenting the sink urinal.


It’s time to finally give up on the Loch Ness Monster

We never like to see a species -- real or not -- disappear. But there’s a long explanation and short one for why we need to give up the ghost on this one.