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Video of divers encountering a humpback whale will remove all the stress from your day

Feeling anxious today? Take a trip with us under the sea.

Business & Technology

Recycling, solar, and wind power team up to make a terrifying crab robot

This upsetting robot might just be the future of green technology.


The internet has some advice for you on recycling old clothes

Today in "proof that crowdsourcing works," Jezebel commenters clearly know WAY more about clothing recycling than one of the site's authors.


Flying bike and jet-powered bike make your fixie look lame

Czech smarties create a flying bike, and Brits make a jet-powered one. Meanwhile, my bike won't even make me a sandwich.


This video about the gross side of food will ruin your appetite for basically everything

BuzzFeed has collected all the least appetizing food facts into one handy video.


Look out, ladies: Biking can damage your vagina

Extremely hunched-over biking (you know, racing style) can numb your vagina and damage nature's dance hall, the pelvic floor.


Check out Nestle’s new bottled water for fancy rich ladies

Because if you're drinking tap water, CLEARLY you hate yourself and have no friends.

Climate & Energy

New tool shows you how much money you can save by switching to an electric car

On average, it costs $2.51 more to fill a car with a gallon of gas than to charge an electric car to go the same distance. This tool shows you how much you can save in your state.


Awesome bike parking system sucks your ride into the depths of the earth

Instead of paving large swaths of the ground, it stores your ride vertically underneath it.

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