Grist List


Bike-part vending machines can rescue you from an unexpected breakdown

In NYC, a network of bike vending machines will provide round-the-clock access to tubes, patch kits, and other sundry bike necessities.


Your mud-soaked festival tent could become beautiful gift wrap

A brave company called Wrag Wrap is going to raid that pile of broken-down tents and transform the gleanings into reusable gift wrap.


Plants sweat, and it’s beautiful

Some plants deal with extra moisture using a process that makes them look like they're wearing a jeweled tiara. Nature is so weird and pretty sometimes.


This voting-booth-sized library brings joy (and literacy) to New York

It's the kind of project that makes adults feel like kids again: Ducking into this thing is like playing on a grown-up playground.


Scientists plan to reduce greenhouse gases by breeding fartless cows

Where well leaks are called “fugitive methane emissions,” cow leaks are simply called fart and burps.


Guys, really, mermaids don’t exist, I can’t believe you have to be told this

We're going to need to come up with a different motivation to save the oceans.


Crazy translucent ant looks like it’s covered in diamonds

It should really be called the Liberace Ant. Or the Damien Hirst Ant. Or the Million-Dollar Victoria's Secret Bra Ant.

Business & Technology

The definitive investigation of how many kindergarteners can fit into a Tesla Model S

OK, so the Tesla's carbon footprint may not be better than a Honda's, but its potential as a clown car is unparalleled.


This map shows the smells of your city

For instance, Edinburgh "on a particularly breezy day circa 2011."