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The one upside of pine beetles: Cool iPhone covers made from trees they killed

After heading off a pine beetle infestation on the 37,000-acre Montana ranch he co-owns, Larry Lipson had thousands of tons of lumber on hand. He decided to make something useful out of it.


Endangered deer gets its head stuck in a Doritos bag

We all know, in the abstract, that leaving trash out in the world can negatively impact wildlife. But here's a specific case that shows how pathetic that impact can be.


Your cute video du jour: Baby ducks rescued from storm drain

Aww. Watch this video of a mama duck getting the attention of some cops, who rescue her ducklings.


Designer turns city fixtures into instant playgrounds

Admit it. You'd have a hard time staying in a bad mood with an invention that turns a light pole into an insta-swing.


The “carbon negative” building block is mostly made from recycled ingredients

Which means that as long as you avoid adding glass, metal, drywall, insulation, or humans, you could have a completely carbon-neutral building!


Coke bottle made of ice helps you water down your corn syrup, ponder mortality

Supposedly Coke's ice bottle is eco-friendly, because by the time it melts, you’re left with nothing but a sugar high and a dumb red Coca-Cola band to remind you of global branding’s insidious nature.


This 13-by-13 cube of metal used to be an amusement park

"Creating [it] was undoubtedly the most violent process I’ve ever embarked upon," the artist said.


Sean Parker defends multimillion-dollar wedding

A letter from Sean Parker to the Atlantic's Alexis Madrigal questions the California Coastal Commission's report of his expensive, damaging wedding.


Bird penises are fascinating. Wait, where are you going?

Occasionally we like to remind you that you should not mess with nature because it is weirder and scarier than you. Case in point: duck dick.

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