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Climate & Energy

New tool shows you how much money you can save by switching to an electric car

On average, it costs $2.51 more to fill a car with a gallon of gas than to charge an electric car to go the same distance. This tool shows you how much you can save in your state.


Awesome bike parking system sucks your ride into the depths of the earth

Instead of paving large swaths of the ground, it stores your ride vertically underneath it.


Muddy today? This beautifully simple bike fender can be installed and removed in seconds

It's made of recycled polypropylene plastic, too.


This is the longest 100 percent recycled bridge in the country

OK, it’s still not very long -- only 24.6 feet. But it's sturdy! And it’s 80 percent post-consumer waste!

Climate & Energy

Don’t burn people for fuel. Is this really that hard?

Who's writing about setting people on fire to meet our energy needs? Oh, it's Glenn Beck. What a surprise.


Elusive sea serpent spotted; penis jokes commence

Researchers shot not one but FIVE videos of the Michael Fassbender of the sea.


We really, really want one of these gorgeous human-sized bird’s nests

These "spirits nests" are often made out of Eucalyptus wood.


Naked bike riders have a strong message of … sorry what were we saying?

In Sunday's World Naked Bike Ride, genitals met saddles around the world. We bring you some photos, and try to sort out what it all means.


Trees may be keeping you alive

There’s reason to believe that killing trees really does lower overall health.

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