Grist List

This is an unusually good bit of penguin slapstick

We're just going to watch this 3,000 times in a row.


This guy is saving forests using cloning

Cloning: a great idea for Ryan Gosling, but old-growth trees? Conservationist David Milarch thinks so.


Living in a city turns people into geniuses

But there's a catch. You need public transportation for all this to work. Good public transportation.


Solar-paneled headphones keep your phone from constantly dying

The solar panel's built into the headband part of the headphones, and there are batteries to store the power in the ear cups.


Hundreds of unwanted backyard chickens are ending up at animal shelters

All future articles on the joys of backyard chickening should include a PSA explaining to enthusiasts just how long chickens lay eggs and, by contrast, just how long they live.


Leonardo DiCaprio looks really serious about riding his bikeshare bike

Public bike-share programs: good enough for the rich and famous. Although helmets are another story.


Spiders suck in prey with scary magnetic webs

Oh, was there a chance you WEREN'T gonna have nightmares tonight? You're welcome.


Bacon burger on a bacon bun will completely gross you out

Bacon patty, bacon dressing, and bacon cheese on a bacon-infused bun ... because THAT's what the Founding Fathers had in mind.


This cool graph of Instagrams shows the moment NYC blacked out during Sandy

As the storm gets serious, you can see a dark wedge that continues through time to 10:23 p.m. And at 10:23 there’s a sharp line -- that’s a power outage.