Grist List


Meet the new stupidest Kickstarter: A six-foot-tall cup of bubble tea

320 gallons of bubble tea! Time to cash out your 401k!


This thriller set in wastewater treatment plant sounds awesome

What's scary about watery old poo? Turns out, EVERYTHING.


This online dashboard shows you a city’s water and electric usage in real time

Normally, all this happens in secret. But, in a bid to help educate citizens about the resources they use, the city of Oberlin, Ohio, is showing and telling.


This San Francisco dump pays artists to play with its trash

The company picks artists who use recycled materials in their art, gives them a monthly stipend, a studio space -- naturally, it's a shipping container -- and "scavenging privileges".


French are pissed we banned their “filthy, putrid” cheese

Someone please let this adorable cheese out of jail!


This boat circled the globe on sun power alone

Sure, this boat only averaged about 6 mph. But it's totally solar-powered!


Spooky sculptures put illegally felled trees back together again

These sculptures are deliberately uncanny, because they're sort of like undead neck-bolted Frankenstein's Monster trees.

This is an unusually good bit of penguin slapstick

We're just going to watch this 3,000 times in a row.


This guy is saving forests using cloning

Cloning: a great idea for Ryan Gosling, but old-growth trees? Conservationist David Milarch thinks so.