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Business & Technology

Harvard researchers, on road to useful discoveries, instead make tiny chemical flowers

Scientists at Harvard can make teeny tiny flowers out of chemicals. No, they can't do the flowers for your wedding. Unless everyone you know is invisible to the naked eye, too.

Climate & Energy

Frackers get their own clothing line

The latest in fashion? Clothing that keeps you safe from fire. They're calling it frackwear.


Green roofs don’t work unless you plant them with diverse, local plants

Planting your green roof with sedum is like hiring employees based on how long they can physically sit in an office chair instead of how good they are at doing the work.


Holland is better than we are at everything, and they’re being smug about it, and we still want to go

OK, Holland, we get it! You have all the nice things!

Climate & Energy

Deadly storms in Texas produce grapefruit-sized hail

As if deadly tornadoes weren't enough, Texas storms produced hailstones that have to be seen to be believed.


Volunteers picked up 10 million pounds of beach trash last year, including 2,117,931 cigarette butts

That's the weight of 5,000 cars. It’s heavier than the Capitol dome.


Orphaned polar bear finds home and roommate

That adorable polar bear orphaned in Alaska found a home at a Buffalo zoo.


This house is designed to be eaten by plants

Italian architecture firm Act Romegialli designed this building to start as a little garden house, and then be gradually eaten by the garden.


People are so addicted to KFC that they’re willing to smuggle it across the Gaza border

So far, the delivery service, Yamama, has brought in 100 meals, according to the New York Times.

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