Grist List


Some saint made a funny, depressing blog about NYC’s worst apartments

A blog showcasing New York's shittiest rooms also underscores how hard it is to find decent, affordable housing that isn't a repurposed fridge.

Business & Technology

A scientist made steel without releasing any greenhouse gases

He used moon soil to do it, too.


Plants have a secret underground communication network

When aphids attack one plant in the network, underground fungus networks let the other plants know.


Subaru thinks you smell because you take the subway

And the car company is willing to tell you so. While you're on the subway.


If Bilbo Baggins built a zero-energy hobbit home, this is what it would look like

Modern, hip Bilbo, obviously. He would wear a scarf and Warby Parkers.


For $35 you can eat a lion-meat taco

Ever wonder what it's like to eat lion rather than vice versa? Taco Fusion will let you find out.


Cassava was supposed to help us survive climate change, and now it’s dying

Cassava can double for potatoes as a staple crop, and it's less sensitive to heat changes. But now, even this alt-tuber is being snatched away from us.


This hilarious, awesome Ziploc jacket is the most practical upcycled clothing we’ve ever seen

Use it to complete your outfit, use it to hold your lunch.


Carrotmob helps you give businesses a reason to make positive changes

It works like an inverse boycott. Rather than influence businesses by withholding money, customers can influence businesses by giving them money.