Grist List


This hilarious, awesome Ziploc jacket is the most practical upcycled clothing we’ve ever seen

Use it to complete your outfit, use it to hold your lunch.


Carrotmob helps you give businesses a reason to make positive changes

It works like an inverse boycott. Rather than influence businesses by withholding money, customers can influence businesses by giving them money.


You can help save Venice’s old-school gondolas

There are two kinds of gondolas in Venice. Kickstarter is trying to save the cheaper ones.


Compare a week of U.S. groceries to Mexico, Mongolia, and other countries

Peter Menzel and Faith D'Alusio offer a fascinating window into the differences in the quantity and quality of food people eat across the world.


The FDA wants to put restrictions on caffeine

The FDA is worried about the 10-year-old kid who thinks it's AWESOME to have caffeinated waffles.

Climate & Energy

Climate change may make it harder for surfers to catch a good wave

Due to climate change, waves are going to shrink over 25 percent of the world, including in a lot of popular surfing areas. Bogus.


Doofuses decide to eat nothing but junk food for a week, manage not to die

A doctor told them: "You should cancel this.”


The Formosan clouded leopard has been declared extinct

This subspecies of clouded leopard, native to Taiwan, has probably been extinct for decades. Now it's official.


Grow your own glow-in-the-dark rose

Researchers who fantasize about using trees as street lights have already made smaller plants that glow.