Grist List


There may be terrifying predatory land-walking fish in Central Park

There are probably snakehead fish in Central Park. They won't eat you, but that's about the only good news.


Every single one of these butterflies might be gone, but that doesn’t mean they’re extinct

Because of the bureaucratic … let us call them "quirks" of identifying endangered species, the state government doesn't want to declare these missing species extinct.


Save water, energy, and money by wearing this shirt you only wash three times a year

The founder of Wool&Prince wore the prototype of the company's button-down shirt for 100 straight days.


The only video about energy efficiency that also features dildos

La Plate-forme Maison Passive has managed the seemingly impossible. They have made energy efficiency sexy.


England has a McDonald’s University, and it’s almost as competitive as Harvard

Want a career in fast food? You can go to McDonald's U -- if you're one of the lucky 7 percent who get accepted.


Watch a dude with death-defying knife skills slice up an entire watermelon in 21 seconds

Need to cut up 100 watermelons? Give this guy 10 minutes.


The heartbreaking, heartwarming saga of a homeless koala

This guy was moved out of harm's way so that loggers could come down and clear-cut his home. He came back to a treeless landscape. But there's a happy ending, we swear!


City mice have genes that could help them resist pollution

These mice may actually be evolving in response to their urban lifestyle.


20,000 insane people have already applied to die on Mars

Don’t they know they’re all going to go crazy and kill each other?