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Here’s what 2,000 calories really looks like

What does 2,000 calories look like? It looks like 285 almonds ... or 16 bananas ... or seven bagels ... or two and a half Cinnabons.


Scientists: To save the lions, fence them in

While it's romantic and all to think about lions roaming free, the reality is that lions that are not roaming free -- that are living in fenced-in reserves -- are doing better than the ones who can wander wherever they want.


This howling pack of wolves will make the hair stand up on your neck

The wolves at Indiana's Wolf Creek Habitat rescue program can't go back to the wild, so they just have to band together and hang out, making super spooky sounds.


Stunning time-lapse video shows four hours of aurora borealis in two minutes

This video makes the sky over Sweden look like the world's best executive desk toy.


This gizmo will help you recover your bike from evil bike thieves

It's possible to set it to a level of sensitivity so delicate that if anyone so much as jostles your bike, you will hear about it, via text message or email.

Oklahoma man will pay you $100,000 to take his geodesic dome

You might be excited that you could get paid to take a geodesic dome off this guy's hands. But trust me, this one should be filed under "more trouble than it's worth."


Baby chicken whose father is a duck is either a new hope for extinct species or a sign of the End Times

A duck fathered a chicken. This could provide a way for scientists to shore up endangered or even previously extinct species, or it could be the precursor to dogs and cats living together.


Potato bred to make perfect potato chips will kiiiiiill you

Scientists don't need fancy GM techniques to make weird plants that are not so good for human beings to consume.


Is there any point to buying organic baby food?

Organic baby food costs like twice as much as regular baby food. A recent study raises the question: Is this money you really need to spend?