Grist List


Tired of disposable clothing? This sweatshirt has a 10-year warranty

If it rips or tears or otherwise starts to break down -- they'll fix it for you. Because they think that "not everything should be disposable."


Gun-toting killer dolphins are now running loose in the Black Sea

Remember how the Ukrainian Navy was supposedly strapping knives and guns to dolphins and turning them into highly skilled dolphin assassins? Well, some of those guys seem to have gotten loose.


Commemorate this senseless traffic death with delicious cookies

Katie Fisher was 24 when she died in a car accident. That, on its own, is a sad story, but it got worse.


Watch an alligator learn to use his prosthetic tail

Mr. Stubbs' rubber tail has the potential to quadruple his projected lifespan.


Mummies found around the world all had heart disease

Apparently, it doesn't matter what you eat; you're going to end up as a mummy with atherosclerosis. Assuming you can find someone to mummify you. Otherwise you'll just have atherosclerosis.


Baby animals are now learning to surf, because they know something we don’t

There is literally no explanation for this that doesn't involve some kind of instinctual understanding of impending sea-level rise.


Artists make beautiful sea creatures out of ocean trash

Mathieu Goussin and Hortense Le Calvez's photographs look like jellyfish, kelp, and anemones, but they're actually just piles of debris.


Those lucky jerks in London are getting a frickin’ bicycle highway

Mayor Boris Johnson has announced that the city will be spending a whopping $1.51 billion on better bike infrastructure.


Hero mouse attacks snake to save his friend

A feeder mouse in a Chinese zoo jumped on a snake's head and bit it as it ate another mouse. Would you have done the same, if you were a mouse?

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