Grist List


This bat has a tongue about twice as long as its head

And those tongues work like "nectar mops."


Here are some animals who are having a harder morning than you

If you're struggling today, at least you have company in the form of adorable animals.

Business & Technology

Phone-charging, wifi-providing, levitating bike is one of the coolest concept bicycles we’ve seen

It charges. It hovers. It has batteries. It's a bike. It's a miracle.


Watch this video and you will never need to waste an apple core again

All those times you ended an apple with a spitty, chewed-up core in your hand could have been avoided.

Business & Technology

This cellphone charger runs on water

Soon, you will be able to charge your cell with water. Oh, and this contraption that costs like 200 bucks.


The Recycled Orchestra is heartwarming and also a little depressing, maybe?

The Recycled Orchestra teaches kids to play instruments made of trash. Which is awesome, even if some of the messaging makes us kind of uncomfortable.


Your lipstick probably has lead in it

Maybe you were born with unsafe levels of lead in your body. But maybe it's Maybelline.

Climate & Energy

You can apply to be a professional polar bear spotter

Do you have outdoors experience, good eyesight, firearms expertise, and a loud voice? You could go work for the governor of the Svalbard Islands, spotting polar bears.


A Chinese group has been selling fox and rat meat as mutton

This isn't the only group selling sketchy meat in China: Police say they've arrested 904 people for similar offenses.